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Word 2016: Sharing

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sharing is caring

Hello there, how are you doing? It’s already 2016 and I haven’t posted any English Post (last English Post was 3 weeks ago). And now, it is already the third week of January 2016. And luckily, the challenge from BEC is now bi-weekly challenge, so I am not too late to joining. The theme is: Word of 2016, for me it’s about SHARING.

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Sharing is caring

Many say that sharing is one of the forms of caring about others. And many do it. They share about almost everything, especially on their social media. With the growth of Social Media or (if I may) growth of Digital World in Indonesia, many realizing that share things on their social media is effective.

sharing is caring

For example for the recent events. Many shared about Sarinah bombing and it became the Trending Topic on twitter. But sadly, everybody shared everything, even the “Hoax” information, pictures of the victims, and videos. It is very effective to share on twitter because of its simplicity.

I don’t know exactly when twitter became the place for people to share information effectively, but many already know the effectiveness and use it, including bloggers to promote their blog post. Just use #UpdateBlog and you will get a RT from it.

Sharing is Good Thing To Do

Yes, sharing is a really good thing to do, so don’t you dare to stop sharing information, especially information that could help others. Like what I wrote on this blog before, about doing things that inspiring, or about Indonesia, I always RT them on my twitter (when I do logged in).

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By doing so, I really hoping that many would read and more people get the information. I really love to share quotes on my twitter account or Facebook or any other social media of mine. Why? Because I believe that somewhere over the rainbow there, one person is reading it and getting something from the quotes. At least that’s what I can do.

Sharing Wouldn’t Make You Less

Yes, by sharing things you know, it wouldn’t make you less knowing. As matter of fact, sharing things you know, it makes you more eager to find something new about it. It makes you learning again and again and again. That’s what I believe in.

sharing through a blog about blogging tips
www.tulisanbloggerindonesia.com – a blog for Indonesian Bloggers

In that sense also, I made a blog about blogging tips for Indonesian Bloggers that I found around the web. I read them, tried them on my blogs and if it worked, I share it through the blog. And would I be lessened by sharing them? No, it makes me hungry for more. I keep my mind open and read more about the blogging tips, like on neilpatel.com, moz.com, waroong.net and many other webs/blogs.

Sharing is Love

I love blogging and writing. So when I do share, I actually sharing my love for the world (well, to those who read). I know I am not the expert, many others are better than me on those things. But am I wrong to share what I love and hoping that love can help others?

Don’t you want my love? *baper detected*

Let’s Share

sharing caring and enriching life
My new banner with tagline – sharing, caring and enriching life (hopefully)

That is my word of 2016 – Sharing, as you can see on my tagline, whom I owe Nik and her friend so much for searching the tagline. Thanks again Nik and Alin, blessed you – both of you. I just met Nik through Adelina Tampubolon (adelinatampubolon.com) and she already did a lot of things (including writing the review).

From her and her friends, I learnt that actually, sharing is not making you less, but actually make you richer.

Sharing… hopefully I could maintain this year’s word and doing it through out the year, even to the next year and next and next. That’s my 2016 word for answering BEC’s Challenge, what is yours?

Febriyan Writing about life and anything that happen in life is one of my to do things. That's the reason blog Blog Review, Tips & Inspirasi by Febriyan Lukito born. Now I also admins for: Tempat Nongkrong Seru Pikiran Random Tulisan Blogger Indonesia

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23 Replies to “Word 2016: Sharing”

  1. Makasih mas sudah berkenan menjadikan website saya sebagai salah satu referensi blogging. Hal tersebut merupakan sebuah kebanggaan tersendiri bagi saya. 🙂

    Oya adsense nya udah lama diterima ya?

  2. Thank you for add my blog as one of your reference blog. It’s a big pleasure for me 🙂
    Btw, congratulations on getting your adsense account my bro.

  3. Sharing, perhaps, is the most powerful word nowadays during the era of internet of things.
    Yes, sharing will make us stronger indeed and enrich our life in whatever we are cultivating, as long as it is positive and useful. Let’s share to the world 🙂

  4. Kemarin2 sebelum pakai empower word of “sharing” aja Mas Ryan udah banyak sharing, brarti taun ini lebih banyak ya sharingnya. Asyiik.. Simak terus blognya ah 😀

  5. ish pengin ikut BEC ini tapiiiiiii *hikz*
    Sharing money juga mau banget mas *Ditimpuk piring* hihiiihi tapi saya setuju sharing positif is a must. Setidaknya yang baca sharing itu feel peace, nyaman..
    Nah dari sharing bisa berawal cinta *aduh udah ini minta ditendang* hehehhe
    suka tulisan ini ^^
    kalo saya 2016 itu *miikir* uhmmmmmmmm

  6. Sharing wouldn’t make you less, indeed.
    Yeah, I dislike people who love spreading hoax. I mean if we have no clue regarding what actually happens in an incident, we better not to spread rumours, because sometimes it can make people worried. It’s my opinion anyway ?
    Btw, ini BEC challenge ya, udah lama gak ikutaaan ?

    1. Ayooo ikutannn… jitakan kalau gak ikutan. 😀

      Yes, I did it also last week, after that… d*mn, why did I do that? Hiksss…
      How are you Icha??? Long time no see

  7. Hallo Ryan. I didn’t know what RT was, but i think i can guess what that word stands for: re-tweet, right? O well, i don’t do social media 😀 so what do you think a person like me can do to extend the sharing-attitude?

      1. do we have to talk about this over again :-p btw, iya sama kaya kasus di comment-nya Icha… kok gw gak terima notif2 reply yaa. hhmm.. gw pikir di gw-nya yang bermasalah 😀

      2. Yes. We shall talk about it again and again and again hahahaha.
        Ya abisnya kmrn ada yang blg error. Gak ba reply comment orang lain. Yo weesss. Gw cek sana sini. Hasilnya ya lepaskan komen yang mengikat eh komen setting dari wordpress.

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