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Behind The Scene

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behind the scene - random thought of a blog post

Do you know what do I love when I do movie reviews on this blog? I can browse and watch all the behind the scene of the movies. BTS – Behind The Scene of movie XXX (kind of kinky huh?). Why do I love to watch it? Because in that behind the scene footage, I realized how hard they worked to make one 90-120 minutes footage.

Yes… We, as audience, only see the final result and amazed by how well the movie in 90 – 120 minutes length. But… in every movies, there are so many steps they need to do, including pre – during – and post production.

And you know what? That also applied to blogging world. I wrote before what did I do behind one blog post, including a keyword research, ideas searching and other things. In producing one blog post, there are also many things to do. Especially those bloggers who use ideographic, videos and high quality pictures.

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behind the scene - random thought of a blog post
Random thought about blogging – Behind The Scene of a blog post

Behind The Scene – Quality Over Quantity

From all of behind the scene footage I had watched, I remember that they – film crews, were fully dedicated for even a single take. Actors, Directors, Make Up Artists even the Music Composer really spent their time to that particular. Also we have to acknowledge those editors.

They also heroes in every movies we had watched. They edited those movies before they released them to cinemas as we seen together. They put every takes into one single 90 or 120 minutes length movie.

Now, from most of I watched, when it comes to question of: WHY, they have the same answers:

 This is my job – this is what I live for. I want to give the best quality in every single productions I did.

Yes, they are all said the same thing. Even, they said that it is okay to produce 1 movie that is really good and making the audiences remember it for a decade or even their whole life. They are willing to do that one movie instead of making thousands of movies (this is my lebay act here… heheheh).

Blogging – Quality

Quality! Yes… I really do agree in that. Providing quality over quantity is much more satisfying (for me) when I blog. I prefer to hold my blogging activities than publishing 20 posts that not giving anything to readers. I prefer to DO NOT BLOG if I don’t provide a quality content.

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Back then, I do confess to you now, that my target on blogging was about traffic. Now? Well, to be honest I didn’t see my blog’s stat as frequent as before. I read my stat when someone asked me about it.

Traffic is one of the factor and I did achieve the targeted traffic for this blog by doing SEO, one of the factors is Keyword – have you read my Guest Post on Dani’s about Keyword Research for a blog post?

And other factors that give traffic is of course the quality of the content. But hey, who to decide the quality of the content? Well, none other than the readers.

We can’t control our readers to say: “This post is excellent.” That is their choice, their own rights to say so – if they do feel it. What we can do is…

Prepare Quality Content for Keywords Targeted

Yes. What we can do as bloggers is just preparing a quality content – a blog post that provide our readers needs. Of course you have to consider their needs. They are reading a post because they have things to fulfil, either their hunger of information or a specific topic.

A specific topic here is actually what keywords trying to identify. By do some keywords research, we actually trying to fulfil our targeted audiences’ needs. For example, our readers are parents who have trouble in finance, they would search for tips of finance instead of tips of buying things online.

Another example, when we hungry, what is it that we do? We tend to search on google for “a place to eat in Jakarta xxx that is not expensive.” That’s actually what we are trying to do when we do keywords research. We are trying to fulfil those needs with a (if I may say: God Damn) great quality content.

Believe me… I am not trying to say we have to focus in Keywords, keywords and keywords. But if you do provide a reliable and qualified content but no one read it, it would be a waste.

Great Content with Keywords? Why Not?

And I also realize that many people trying to get money online by doing keywords stuffing in order to shown in page one google but actually the post is a piece of sh*t. But they are already there. So? What can you do?

Well actually there is one thing you can do. Write better content about it and make it number one and kick those articles with keywords stuffing away. But in order to do that, you need, once again, do keyword research.

But I can make people read my post without doing some keyword research. By promoting it to my social media.

Of course… that is true. Promotion of your post throughout your social media is a must do and actually it is also part of SEO, called off-page SEO. One question you need to answer is:

Are those readers your actual targeted readers?

For example, my top post – Iphone Mati Tiba Tiba. At first, I didn’t use any keywords but when a friend checked it, he said that: “You do keywords on that post and you actually did SEO On Page correctly.

I actually wrote the post to share what was happening to me and my iPhone. And turned out that particular post is number one on Google Search. It still does and many read it and they actually those who had trouble with their own iPhone, just like I did.

Realization of a Blog Post Meaning

Those people weren’t my targeted audience, at first. I wasn’t aware any of targeting audiences at all in fact. But after a while, I realize, those people were my audiences. They are the ones who in trouble and need help, and by doing keywords and SEO, I actually helped them.

And I even cried when I read some of the comments, saying thank you. Even though, I was kind of angry also, because some of the comments were as if I am a cellular shop owners. 

At that point, I then realize. If I am a cellular shop owner, I really would like to make post that help those kind of people. And by doing so, they might come into my shop and buy my products. This also relate to brands. And as an owner, I also want those keywords-stuffing-post to disappear as well. 

That realization awake me and make me want to help others in such keywords confusions. I realize that, I did keywords research not only for blog traffic but also to help readers that are really need help.

behind the scene - insight of a blog post should be
This is what I get from doing this random thought on behind the scene of a blog post

In Conclusion

In short, I just want to say, perhaps when you do some behind the scene reflections about your own blog, you might find some other insight.

I know that many would say, I don’t need to learn SEO and Keywords and bla bla bla. Well, it is your own decisions to make. I just want to say that, if you really good in providing a very good, great – in fact, quality content, it is such a waste if the targeted readers don’t know about it.

Yes, you do need quality content but you also need to promote it and perhaps do some keywords research in order, people who read your post is those who really need that article. Perhaps next time I will do another behind the scene again – well, I love behind the scene and prefer to be behind the scene areas. 😛

Febriyan Writing about life and anything that happen in life is one of my to do things. That's the reason blog Blog Review, Tips & Inspirasi by Febriyan Lukito born. Now I also admins for: Tempat Nongkrong Seru Pikiran Random Tulisan Blogger Indonesia

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  1. Love this post of yours. The meaning behind the post is applied wide and extensively to other kind of works. You do keyword research when you blog not to get traffic, but to give best experience to your readers. I’d give you a standing ovation for the post!

    1. Huahaha. Sorry for laughing. but your comment is like reading comment from foreigner which usually went into spam folder.
      Thank you Dan. Hopefully many read and thinking the same like you

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