indonesian writers or female authors

Indonesian Writers You Need to Read

To be honest, I am not reading as many as before. Recently, my appetite for reading a (physical) book is drowning, need some rescues. But, this particular challenge from Blog English Club is something I don’t want to miss out. I have some Indonesian Writers that I think you should read.

These my favorite Indonesian writers are unique in their own ways. Each of them has some special characteristic that signify their own style of writing. And like them, we, bloggers also need to find our own unique voices. Be yourself on your writings, don’t just copy paste of others. People love reading blogs for their own voices.

Indonesian Writers That You Should Pay Attention to and Read Their Books

indonesian writers or female authors
Indonesian Writers that I love to read their books

In this post, I also gonna mention some oldies Indonesian writers as they were my favorite during my high school. I hope you know them also – and here you might know exactly how old I am. Hahaha.

1. Mira W

Yes, Mira W – a doctor and also a famous Indonesian author. I was reading her books at early stages of my life. Which actually I shouldn’t do that. But I really love reading books back then and she was one of my favorites. She always put a doctor as her books’ main character.

She still writes until this day. And one thing I can learn from her is that:

I remembered that many Indonesian series was based on her books. One of them was using Bahasa Kalbu (Titi Dj) song as its original soundtrack.

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2. Marga T

Same as Mira W, she also a famous Indonesian writers during my childhood. She wrote many books and some of them was already made into movie. One of my favorite is Badai Pasti Berlalu. The movie itself directed by Teguh Karya. And then made into TV Series also.

And this particular one also famous with OST sang by Chrisye. Her writings also have signatures. She usually wrote a love story with a background of Christian family, doctors and also Chinese-Indonesian life.

3. Dewi Lestari

She is one of my favorite Indonesian writers, the current ones. She was known previously as a singer. Then she focused on writings. I read her Filosofi Kopi and instantly fell in love with her stories. She already wrote so many books, such as the famous Supernova Series.

I really love reading her books. Especially those short stories like Filosofi Kopi, Madre and Rectoverso. Her writings, in my opinion, were a spiritual journey of herself. She takes us to a journey to find who we really are. I remember one of her short stories about lighthouse.

It was really take me to another level when I read it. And when it comes to Supernova Series, she already began her writing maps since 15 years ago. Each books were designed with a vision how it gonna be before even she started. Just like 7 Habits – Begin with the end of mind.

Many Other

Of course, there are many other Indonesian writers that really good and really recommended to read their books. But for now, I share my top 3 Indonesian Female Writers. Many recommend Pramoedya Ananta or Eka Kurniawan (whom considered as the Next Pram).

But I can’t put them here for now since I haven’t read any of their books. I have one of Eka’s books here. Nik give it to me to read but I haven’t read it at all. Sorry Nik. And there are many other Indonesian writers, I am sure, that qualified as the best authors. So, please do share, your favorite Indonesian writers. You can write it on the comment or just make the post for BEC Challenge also.


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