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Blind Folded… What Are You Going To Do?

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blind folded

Today, I woke up early, which is a really bad for me. I mean, it is a holiday. But well, as might as well do something, right? So I watched one of my favorites channel that showing one of my favorites Reality TV Show, Starworld. It is re-running the Junior Masterchef 4. I don’t what episode it is, but it is the one where the junior cooks wore blind fold, tasting the food and try to recreate Gordon’s dish.

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It was not a great experience, believe me, I tried that before. Unless, you have your tasting instinct well prepared. 🙂 I won’t talked about the inspirations from this episode (for now), like I wrote several times before. Yes, one of the reasons I loved this TV reality show is the inspirations. Such as this inspirations from Abby – the youngest contestant on the 3rd Junior Masterchef. But I want to talk about blind folded…

blind folded
When you felt – blind folded in life, what can you do?

Blind Folded… What Are You Going To Do?

Like I said, blind folded and tasting the food, trying to differentiate the ingredients and also recreate the dish is not an easy thing to do. You really have to know every single ingredients for cooking. Then you will be able to do recreate it in a great way.

But, if you are not the experts, like me, at the end, you will end up with the really bad tasted dish. Hahahaha. Well, talking about being blind-folded. What are you going to do if you are the one blind-folded? I mean, when you are not able to use your eyes to see things. You gonna feel afraid, because all you can see is darkness.

I am sure, it is not an easy one. But have you ever experienced it? I did. When I was working for the first time. I was graduated from high school, I immediately worked on a company. I had no experienced at all. I only had one time on the job training as a filing clerk during high school.

And I was recruited to do admin (accounting) at that company. I was afraid, for God sake. Whom to asked? How? What if I made mistakes? And many other questions. It was like a blind man, due to lack of experience, at that time. But then, luckily, the employees there, my ex-co-worker were really nice. They helped me step by step. What if they didn’t? Perhaps I will be lost.

What We Need To Do If Feel Blind-Folded

At that time, I never thought anything, other than trying to make the best of what I can. But along came the spider the experiences, I realized. When we are blind-folded (read: when facing problems in life), in any situations, all we need to do is:

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Always… always used this one. Ask! Ask the person around you on how to do, what to do and everything you need to know. An Indonesian proverb said:

You will get lost if you don’t ask

So, why don’t use what we have and ask. Don’t be afraid that others might think you can’t do anything. Hey, you are new there and you don’t know the area surrounding. Asking is the best way to adapt on the new environment.


Yes, praying to God is always the best thing to do. I am one who believed that if you asked, you shall be answered. So, let’s get down and pray. Ask God for a guidance, surely God won’t let us get lost. In a really bad day situations, get down on your knees and pray is always the best thing to do. Like, when you are sad because of broken heart, you can always pray to God and ask for guidance. But surely, you also need to be grateful everyday and Thank God for the day, not only when you are in trouble.

Discuss With Family and Friends

They are your best support group. In any situations, you have to believe that your family and your true friends will stay beside you. Support you. And will help you coping with all. They will help you step by step and guide you to the right tracks.

At The End

At the end, when you feel that you are blind-folded and feel lost, don’t know what to do, where to go, all you can do is being the best of you. Give the best on doing everything what you can do. Try every single step to keep moving forward, whether that are by asking co-worker, praying to God or discussing with family or friends.

I am sure that everything will be okay eventually. And you might have other ways on how to deal with blind-folded situations, please do share with me here, perhaps I can use it also. I remember a saying:

Everything will be okay at the end, if it is not okay – it is not the end.

By the way, I want to say: Merry Christmas for those who celebrate it.

merry christmas
Merry Christmas – image by fotor.com
Febriyan Writing about life and anything that happen in life is one of my to do things. That's the reason blog Blog Review, Tips & Inspirasi by Febriyan Lukito born. Now I also admins for: Tempat Nongkrong Seru Pikiran Random Tulisan Blogger Indonesia

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