about learning and life

About Learning

Some say that life is a journey. Life is a never-ending learning process. Well, I am agree with it. Life is very much about learning. Learn about new things, about new places, new friends and many other things we can learn through life.

To be honest, even though, I agree about learning mentioned above, I am a lazy student. Hahaha. Well, in my defence is that I have short-term memory lost like Dory. But I know, that is not an excuse to do learning process through life.

About Learning in Life

Many ways we can learn about many things in this life. We can learn from our own experiences or others. We can obtain learning by studying things happen around us.

about learning and life
About Learning and life

1. Always Open Your Eyes, Heart and Mind.

Yes, you should. You should always open your eyes and see your surrounding. See what happening around you. Is there anything you can pick from your surrounding? To do this, you ought to have an open heart also. Sometimes, what happen to others might make you angry or any other emotions.

When this happen, remember 7 Habitsdo not be reactive. Think first. Process it and then make decision afterwards. Even when the thing that happen surround you is something you really hate – for instance about BAD POLITICS, you have to open wide your eyes, heart and mind.

Be open to see some new insight.

2. Try Not to Hate Someone Badly

If you hate someone, you tend to avoid he/she. Right? Well, when you do avoid them, you can’t learn anything from them.

No matter, how much you hate them, you have to know, that you can learn a lot from them. I remember an old reality show tagline: “Peace, Love and Gaul”.

I love that tagline. Peace Love. I mean, even in my darkest hole inside about someone, when I think about love and peace, I remember how that person teach me something.

When I was a kid, I kind of hate my late dad. He always saying I didn’t do well (I wrote about this several times). But hey, he did it because he love me, wasn’t he? And turned out, he did do it because he want me to be better and better always.

He meant well and prayed the best for me in life. There, I learnt to think more about learning. Not from loving condition only, but also from hating conditions.

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3. Don’t Ever Let Your Cup Full

Remember a movie titled 2012? There was a scene in that movie, where a Dalai Lama monk pouring out a tea to a cup. He asked his student:

If we poured tea into a cup full of tea, what would happen?

The new tea would poured out. That’s our mind also. To accept things about learning, we have to empty – no need to completely emptying our mind though, to receive new insight.

Well, some would say that it is only a matter of point of view – how do you see the glass, empty or full. But, I experienced differently. I tend to be a stubborn man if it comes to challenging my ways of doing things. But when I paused back a bit.

I realized that I was wrong. Yes, perhaps, my ways of doing is good, but if I can do better, why wouldn’t I do it?

Read, Hang, Share A Lot

Then, along came spider – time passing by, I realized another things. About learning is about life itself.  Read a lot, hang out a lot with friends and their friends; and share a lot all your life wouldn’t be a waste of time.

By reading, you learn new perspective. By hang out, you learn new mindset about one’s’ condition. By share a lot, you seek to learn more. It is a never-ending process, really. And life itself given, for us learning about everything. But it doesn’t mean you need to know everything. (maybe nextime).

Including about learning blogging, it always an ongoing process throughout my life now. Hopefully can always learn. How about you? What do you think about learning and life itself? Do you agree?


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