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16.2 – This is About Upgrading Version of Yourself

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upgrading version of you

What is the one that cross your mind when you heard about upgrading version? Instantly, I remembering software or applications. When I was working at one of the largest bank in Jakarta, I conducted an audit – specifically, an application audit. Thus this upgrading version is not a new thing for me.

And actually, I believed we are living in this era where everyone is knowing technology – even the kids. This upgrade version is a common thing on those smartphones we are using now. Upgrading iOS version to the latest, upgrading Android version to the Kit Kat or upgrade Go Jek Apps, and many more.

Upgrading Version of Life, Well You Actually

If we talked about software or applications, the upgrade of a version is a must-do process. If they want their applications can still usable, the upgrade to the latest updates is necessary, otherwise… it will left behind by its users. Now, how about life or ourselves? Do we have to upgrading ourselves?

upgrading version of you

Sometimes, my mind gone wild and thinking so many things that ended up making me headache (badly). Like last month, I was thinking to quit my job or stay – even that my heart wasn’t in it anymore, just for the M reason. Or thoughts like this post. Upgrading version of myself. Do I have to? Really?

Well, like an applications or software, I believed that if we don’t upgrading version of ourselves, we will be obsolete. Many younger people will come and they have fresh mind, fresher updates and if we want to “compete” we DO HAVE to upgrading version.

Thus, I want to share how to upgrading version of you – my own version though, that you can implement it for yourself.

How to Upgrading Version of You

#1. Always Be Open Minded

Open your mind to the new things. To the technology that always evolving. Like my mother. She’s quite open and want to learn mother. Even though she only wants to learn things that she really want, well, the intention itself is already great. She open her mind to accept new technology – as the smartphone grows, she also grows (and now addicted to hayday).

Being open mind is the basic thing, IMHO, to upgrading version of us. Because it is about yourself, would you willing to accept any new things or not. 

#2. Learn Learn Learn

Learning is a never-ending process, like I wrote on Learn Blogging With FunBlogging few weeks back. And for quite some times, I put myself on learning about blogging more. Because I want to know more about blogging, SEO, and many other things related to it. And it is fun, because I already open my mind to accepting those new things (#1 – Open Minded).

tips blogging indonesia adalah tulisan blogger indonesia
Upgrading version of myself by sharing tips about blogging on TBI

This is also the reason I created TBI – Tulisan Blogger Indonesia or Tips Blogging Indonesia 😀

Learning is now very easy – and kind of free for some. You only need to browse your way to the internet and google it. And you can learn so many new things there. But you have to be careful also about the HOAX and SPAM thing. For instance, if we want to learn English, we can freely joining the BEC Challenge and get a review from mentors (for free).

Talking about learning English, in this AFTA era, English in one of the thing you really need to upgrade.

#3. Hangout And Gather With Those Who Upgrade Themselves

Yes, I remember how our parents or grandparents always reminded us to friend with anyone. No matter who they are. But sometimes, we do really need to put ourselves in a group which are making us grows. It doesn’t mean we have to let go the others, but surround us with the best people and then spread it to the others also. Growing together to be better in life is a really great achievement (for me at least).

Upgrade You

That is my how to upgrading version of you, do you have any opinion about upgrading version? I always welcome comments, critics and ever a grammar nazi for the English post. Even-though English post is the most quiet post in this blog – don’t know why. Hahaha. The most important thing in upgrading ourselves is our willingness to do it.

Febriyan Writing about life and anything that happen in life is one of my to do things. That's the reason blog Blog Review, Tips & Inspirasi by Febriyan Lukito born. Now I also admins for: Tempat Nongkrong Seru Pikiran Random Tulisan Blogger Indonesia

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14 Replies to “16.2 – This is About Upgrading Version of Yourself”

  1. always learn learn and learn after that don’t forget to do ya mas Ryan 😀
    this post really inspiring me to keep upgrade my self

  2. Sorry to hear that you don’t know where you are going with your job. It must be hard, and I’m sure you have your reasons for feeling the way you. Actually, I feel the same way with my work for the last month…

    On upgrading yourself: I think this is so important. We need to constantly learn to keep up with the world around us. The more we learn, the more skills we learn and the more we can be productive and reach our potential. So agree with you that we should hang out with those who like to self-improve. They can be a source of inspiration, and even help us along the way when we doubt ourselves 🙂

    Hope you are doing well. Missed our conversations 🙂

    1. So sorry Mabel, hadn’t came to your blog recently and commented there. I do miss the conversation also.
      And thank you so much for your comment here. I hope you will find a way about your work as well Mabel.

      Yes.. one of them is you… I love reading your blog because I want to upgrading my English. 😀

  3. And speaking of software / firmware / other related stuff, some people choose not to upgrade because of the limitation of the gadget / pc / others.. Like I know my friend who was reluctant to upgrading her iOS becase apparently it would make her iPhone load more slowly (?).
    Or me who try to resist upgrading to Windows 10 because I don’t think my five-year-old laptop can handle it :p

    So it makes me think, whether the same analogy also appliea to life, as your post said… Maybe yes… The will to upgrade might need to be adjusted to our capacity… Maybe..

    1. At some point, I do see and feel the same Miss Vita. I feel that some reluctant to upgrade themselves due to any kind of reason. Is it good? Only they who can answer. IMHO.

  4. upgrading doesn’t always mean a major change I guess. just a small change yet significant is also an upgrading. for example changing habit from wash our hands with water only before eating into sanitize them with water and soap before eating.

    I’ve skipped many BEC challenges. it’s not easy to return. 😀 I think I need an upgrade.

  5. I realized that I have to upgrade myself.
    Just learn and learn something positive to be growing, one example is learning English.
    *duh bahasa Inggris belepotan, grammarnya juga, semoga mengerti yang kumaksud 😀

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