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Someone Who

This is about someone who took my heart away and broke it into pieces. Small pieces that it can not be fixed anymore. This is about someone who took my heart away and poured it with love. Make it shone into its brightest light. This is about someone who said I love you but then running away with someone else. This is NOT about me. 😀

Someone Who

someone who i adoreThis week, English Friday Challenge from Blog English Club is: “About Someone“. You can write anything about someone who you love, someone who broke your heart, someone who inspired you, anything – as long as it is about someone. Someone Like You perhaps…. 😛

I want to tell you about someone in my life. This person is my life’s VVIP – very very important person for me. I don’t what would I do if this person doesn’t exist in this world. I really don’t. Maybe, I wouldn’t exist at all in this world, maybe not as the person who I am now – a Febriyan Lukito.

VVIP Person in Life

If you read my posts here, perhaps you know who is the person I am talking about here. I am talking about the person whom matter the most in my life. She is non other than My Mother. She is my hero, my everything. Like I wrote in the Tattoo post, I made the tattoo F & L is for Family and Love. Both words are representing her also. She is my family and the love of my life also.

View weeks ago, I felt sad. My mother‘s sister came from China to visit her. And that week was her last week for visiting. After dropped her sister and her daughter at the airport, my mother and my big brother was picking me up at Hollywood KC – where I watched Everest.

My brother called me to buy some water and also food. He said they were hold by the traffic jam and my mother was not feeling well. They arrived several minutes later and I saw my mother’s face was very pale. She really looked not healthy – so different from two days before when we were visiting Mekar Sari. She was so happy, showing this and that to her sister.

I don’t Want to Lose Her

Arriving at home, she immediately walked into her bed room and took a rest. I touched her forehead and it was hot, even though not as hot as boiled water. We, my brother and I, asked her to eat and took some medicine first. Afterwards she slept – after I rubbed her with Minyak Kayu Putih (okay… what is the English for Minyak Kayu Putih?).

Next morning, she was still not feeling well. So most of the day she was laying on her bed. But she felt better, I mean, I saw her smile at that time and she played Hayday a little bit (this really is her signature – I mean if she can play means she is alright).

And two days ago, she was celebrating her 64. I was rushing into the pouring rain (due to miss-communication between my big brother and my eldest sister – I only have one each actually) after bought a birthday cake for her. Will tell you all about it later on different post about the bakery shop.

I was really sad when I saw her laying on her bed. And perhaps it also happens with you all, every time you see someone whom you really love, you feel sadness rushing in and taking control the emotions panel, like in Inside Out Movie. I know that for now (till this very moment), I am not ready to losing her.

Say It Loud

All, take this from me – who also didn’t able to say I love you to my late father, don’t ever waste every moment of your life to say your it loud. As loud as you can, in fact – make it the loudest thing everyone will hear. Say that you love that person so much – before it’s too late. Don’t let yourself broken into pieces because you didn’t have a chance to say it to someone who you really love. Say it loud by words and by your actions.

someone who i love we love
This picture is taken by a friend – Denie Mullete – his blog is: D’Mullete Photography

 By the way, anyway busway – Have you join BEC? What? You don’t know what BEC is and what is English Friday? Hmmmm… you can read it here – I posted about it before. Well, in sum, BEC is a place where you can learn English. It has English Friday Challenge – just like this one, it challenges us to write in English. And it also has Weekly Topic – where it share some learning things for us such as this week is about #RelativePronouns Who and Whom. It’s all free of charge. And it has mentors also whom guided us to learn.


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