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Are These Your Habits In Life? Proud of Them Or…

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habits that could change the world

Hello again BEC’s Members, I hope I am still welcomed to write for BEC’s Weekly Challenge. I was (and perhaps am) a drama king, in my own opinion, feel free to agree, when I post the resignation months back. And now, I miss you all. How are you doing? I read this week challenge few days back and I remembered a draft on my blog that hasn’t publish up to today.

It’s about one of the habits that make me sad, and mostly done by Indonesian, here in Indonesia. I believe that if we change, simple habits could change the world also. Are you included on the list of those who do these habits? I won’t discuss many things here, only 3 habits of my own that I need to change.

3 Simple Habits That Could Change The World – Starts from myself

These 3 following habits are actually my own habits, that I saw in many others around me. Well, life is about learning right? So if others showed these to me, and make me thinking a lot, why shouldn’t I change? I mean, it is also for my own goods.

1. Habits Regarding Cleaning

masalah sampah masalah siapa habits that could change the world
Image courtesy of 9Gags.com Sadly, it is so true, humans left their trash just like that

The first habits that I learned from others is about cleaning. I use to go to fast-food restaurant and eat, not daily but quite often. And I am sure, I am not alone in this one. I used to left the restaurant just like that, leaving the leftovers or garbage from my meals there on the table.

When I was in transit a year ago, during my way back to Indonesia, I watched some differences between us, Indonesian and foreigner. They cleaned up their meals afterwards, nothing left on their table. This is a common practice at a fast-food restaurant apparently. And I saw few Indonesians also did the same thing. Why do they can do it abroad but never did it here in Indonesia?

Actually, I saw the same thing before, around 2007, in Bali. Foreigners who ate at McD clean up but our local guests didn’t, including me. I surprised and then (almost 10 years later), realized that this is one habit that I need to do from now on. So, since I was back from Liberia, I always cleaned up my meals in any fast-food restaurant. I believe this habit is a good one and actually helps us realizing how important to put our garbage on the place – not leaving them behind, like on those beaches.

2. Habits Regarding Time

habits that could change the worldAsk your friends, what is the known term for Indonesian people about time? “Jam Karet”. We I used to do “Jam Karet” also, made an appointment at 9 AM but came at 11 AM. There were always reasons for backing up my lateness. Like the traffic was bad, really bad. I even used to say: “I’m on the way” while actually I was just woke up.

And I was easily angry when a friend came late and said: “The traffic was bad, so sorry.” So I thought, perhaps they felt the same thing when I did it also. So, why don’t I change also? No “Jam Karet” anymore. Hopefully I can make it and perhaps making the world a better place (for you and me)?

By the way, talking about “So Sorry”, I remember my post about three words that are forgotten, forgotten to used in the right time and condition. Too many use the terms easily so it become meaningless.

3. Habits Regarding Anger

habits that could change the worldThis one is the hardest thing, even though I had read 7 Habits and knowing well about Reactive and Proactive, but yeah, it is easier to say or write than do. Changing my own habits of getting angry easily was very difficult. My Mind Headquarters (borrowing the term from Inside Out Movie) easily tricked to get angry than any other emotions. I can hold my fear, my sadness more than I can hold the anger.

Sometimes, I know that when I was angry, I had hurt some people who really cares about me. I am really sorry for that. Well, I hope I can control my anger more so that when I do drive my own car I wouldn’t like those people I hate. Drivers who love to horned away their car or let the animals from within out on the street. I don’t, I really don’t want to be like that.

Well, those are my 3 Habits That Could Change The World, that need to start right now, start from me, before I ask others to do the same. Of course, I welcome you to remind me if I do not comply with them. 🙂

So, what is your habits? Please do share with BEC’s Weekly Challenge.

Febriyan Writing about life and anything that happen in life is one of my to do things. That's the reason blog Blog Review, Tips & Inspirasi by Febriyan Lukito born. Now I also admins for: Tempat Nongkrong Seru Pikiran Random Tulisan Blogger Indonesia

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21 Replies to “Are These Your Habits In Life? Proud of Them Or…”

  1. Btw aku jadi penasaran kenapa link dari post ini ga muncul di pingback (bener ya itu istilahnya ^^, ) nya EF 27
    n kenapa ga disubmit ke inlinkz? :p

    1. Hahaha. Utk inlinkz memang sengaja Vita. Gak masukin. Maluuu ah dimasukin.
      Pingback. Hmmm. Blkgan jg bingung. Ngelink ke post sendiri aja kdg masuk kadang gak.

  2. I do the number 1. It’s really not that hard to pick up the tray and put it in the designated rack once we’re finish eating. And i also prefer to leave the table clean. Btw, this just crossed on my mind.. do you keep/hold the door for someone behind you once you enter a room? Try to make a habit of that and see what happen..

    1. Yes I do it also Rina. It’s like a common courtesy for me. Unless it is not possible for me to do it such as if there’s someone else in front of me.

      Cleaning the table is really simple right? But why???? Why???

    2. Memang kayaknya di luar negeri sih (negara maju/mahal?) yg ada kebiasaan bersih2 sendiri, karena tenaga kerja di sana mahal? bener ga sih? Tapi boleh juga ya kayaknya kebiasaan meninggalkan meja dlm keadaan bersih ini diterapkan di Indo 🙂

      Lalu tentang pintu, ini juga aku temui bukan di Indo.. mungkin krn di Indo pintu2 ga seberat pintu yg otomatis nutup sendiri kyk di negara maju.

      Aku mau merekomendasikan tulisan bagus dari temen terkait menahan pintu ini.. Ada metafora juga di sana.. 🙂 http://madeandi.com/2013/04/19/pintu/

      1. Yup, i also think that the reason why customer is educated about leaving the table clean is merely because of short number of manpower in certain countries. thus making manpower expensive resource (just my opinion though).
        About the door, i’ve actually never learnt that trait untill i lived outside Indonesia. i like the feeling that somebody hold the door for me instead leaving it slams in front of my face. so yeah, why not practice it in Indonesia. funny thing is, the people in Indonesia would look at me with strange face and think like ‘why are you standing in my way?!’ but whatever.. i keep the trait on 🙂
        Even the Crowd Control made an episode about this trait: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CHTlRhEvXb4. Quite interesting i’d say 🙂

      2. the people in Indonesia would look at me with strange face <-- I am laughing for this. So true. Even cleaning the table made me a center of attention.

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