EF#24 - Glutenous Black Rice Recipe 1

EF#24 – Glutenous Black Rice Recipe

If I ask you what is the most desirable food you like for breakfasting during Ramadhan, what would your answer be? Kolak? Kurma? Or just a water? Actually, I had asked this question before to my fellow pathers. And many answered Kolak or Fruit Ice and some even answered mineral water.

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My sister is having her first fasting period this month. She never missed it a single day until today. She said that this is good for her because her weight lost about 1 kg. She was so happy seeing the number on her balance machine. Anyone had same experience with her?

Well, this week challenge from Blog English Club is about your killer recipe for Ramadhan, but I am not having fasting, only my big sister as I wrote above. And she is okay with any kind of food for break fasting. She could just drink tea or any kind of food that my mother make. So, what is the killer recipe?

Glutenous Black Rice Recipe (Resep Bubur Ketan Hitam)

I decided to write about Glutenous Black Rice Recipe or Resep Bubur Ketan Hitam in Indonesian. I remember when I wrote about the Glutenous Black Rice Cake Recipe, Mbak Ajen commented about the Glutenous Black Rice Recipe.

glutenous black rice recipe When I was in Liberia, I can’t find this black rice there, even though I really wanted to cook one. The hardest thing to live abroad is to remembered the name of the ingredients we used. For example this glutenous black rice often called as sticky rice also. And Kacang Hijau is Mung Beans. 😀 Okay… enough with the long intro…

Ingredients of Glutenous Black Rice Recipe

1 kg glutenous black rice

300 grams sugar

3 – 5 pandan leaves

Coconut milk – fresh or ready to use


How to cook Glutenous Black Rice Recipe

  1. First of, if you want to cook glutenous black rice, you need to soak the glutenous black rice in the water at least for one hour. Better if you soak it longer. Why do we have to soak it? It will ease us in cooking it.

  2. Boil water. Put the glutenous black rice into the boiled water. Make sure the water is covering the rice.

  3. Take the pandan leaves. You can folded or squeeze it a bit to enhance its aroma. Put it into the rice.

  4. Remember, not to put the sugar if the rice isn’t cook enough. Taste the rice first. If it’s cooked, you can put the sugar.

Keep cook it until everything is thickened and ready to serve. Serve it with a coconut milk on each bowl.


Need to remember when cooking Glutenous Black Rice

Things that you need to remember when you are cooking the glutenous black rice are:

a. Soak glutenous black rice at least for one hour. Usually my mother soak it over night.

b. Sugar amount above is for my family’s taste. You can adjust on your own.

c. Don’t mix coconut milk during you cook. Put it on each bowl. It is recommended to use a fresh coconut milk.

d. Adjust the quantity. The above recipe is for about 15-20 bowls.

And, you can make an ice from it, you know…


So that’s it… the glutenous black rice recipe. Well, not a killer recipe but hopefully can make your mouth filled with happiness. #tsahh… So, what is your killer recipe during Ramadhan? Join us in English Friday Challenge.



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