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A Photo a Week Challenge: Keep Moving Forward

Okay, last week I didn’t post any English Friday as I pledged to myself except for EF Challenge. Usually I made one other post in English, either for introducing Indonesia to the world or photo challenge.

No excuses. I was lazy last week. I need to be more committed to what I have had pledge for. So this week, I want to write in English, even though it is not about Indonesia.

Gagal Move On

Friends of mine (yes, many not only one) said that they are not able to moving on. They are still fixated to the previous love (was it love?) – boyfriend or girlfriend. We say it: “Gagal Move On“.

After the breakup, many can not forget their previous lover. How he/she looks. Times that they spent together. Moments that they created together. Many things. And they will say: “aku gagal move on” or “aku gak bisa move on” – I can not move on (in English). A simple thing can and will remind them to their ex.

For example when you hear a song, one simple song like this Jessie J’s Who You Are could remind you of your ex (you???). Or perhaps browsing through your Facebook account, Twitter account, Instagram, etc, you found one moment that remind you of your ex.

I mean, many things you had spent together with your ex, especially if you were in relationship more than 1 year, off course you will remember him/her. It is not easy to forget. Believe me, been there done that. Is it a bad thing? Well, I would say, no. It is not a bad thing remind someone who shared things in your life.

But if you can’t let go that thing, that is not good. Really not a good thing. Like a saying that I usually heard.

Letting go is the first step you need to take to a better life

Maybe what I wrote now here is bit harsh: “You need to grow up and moving on because he/she didn’t consider you as the best part of their life. They need someone else, someone who is better – based on their own values.” 

Keep Moving Forward

What you can do is cherishing that moment with him/her and then moving forward – yes, keep moving forward. Your life is waiting for you. Waiting for the best path of life you wish to go and leave behind as a legacy. It is not about whom you dated or broke your heart.

It is about how you get back on your feet and keep moving forward in those moments where they waited you to giving up. It is like reading a success story. One person can fail million times but what makes he/she succeed is how he/she stand up and keep trying, even when the world mocking. But this time, it is your success story, you are the writer, write the success one.

It is not easy to move on, I know. But you can do it. It is like reading Impossible or I’m Possible. It is about your point of view. Would you see the world as a black darken world when he/she broke up with you or as a dark place with a glimpse of rainbow at the end of the road.

Look around. You are not alone. Many have experience about broken heart but how many get up and keep moving forward and how many keep dwelling with the broken heart ache. Which one do you want to choose? You assume that you have the worst problem of all. Well, it is true if you look at it as you.

keep moving forward - move on
The feet were made for walking – don’t say Gagal Move On but I want to keep moving forward

But do you see those people who stayed at orphanage? Or elderly home? They seek for love but no one care. They only need a smile, ears to hear their story, but no one care enough to do it, even their family. You still have your family whom loving you endlessly, right? Or do you see those people who are not able to eat because they don’t even have money to buy one.

If you put yourself as a center of the life, you will see that you are the most miserable ones, but if you just open your eyes and your heart, you will see that you are luckier than many people. All you need to do now is keep moving forward. Open your heart and eyes, and the love will come again.

And hey… if you are not keep moving forward, then what are those feet made for?

Like Dory from Finding Nemo, let’s

Keep on swimming – keep on swimming

We have lots of beautiful thing to embrace ahead…. keep moving.


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