ten years from now - what would you be

[EF#33] What Would You Be Ten Years From Now

Ten Years From Now – what would you be? That is today’s English Friday Challenge from Blog English Club. Inspired from 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, the author taking us to go to the future.

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ten years from now - what would you be
7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Well, I really love the theme because I really love the book itself. I even rewrite with my own words about the 7 Habits. But then, if someone ask me about what I would be in ten years from now… It would be hard, for now.

Because lately I had been forgetting about planning and making goals of my own life. I just let it flow.

Setting Goals for Ten Years From Now

Is it okay to live without goals in our life? Are goals of life really needed? Do we have to setting goals? Or just let it flow – day by day, month to month and years gone by? Well, according to Stephen R. Covey it is not okay.

We have to set the figure of what we would become in the future. It is like when we do travel, we have to know where we are going to. So our travel will maximize. We also have to know every detail of what we are going to and what to do each day on that travel.

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Imagine if you go to some place new and you don’t know anything about it and what to do. You would be lost in translation at the end.

What Do You See In Ten Years Ahead

Arghhh… I really get headache nowadays if someone ask me this question. I remember how I used to planned everything and having the end of mind vision. If you ask this question right after I graduated from high school, I can give you the answer instantly.

I want to get a scholarship and working at the biggest bank in Indonesia (at that time)

And yes, even though I had to work for one year after graduation, I did get that scholarship and working at that bank for about 3 years.

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Then, when I was interviewed at that time, I said: “I would be a manager in 5 years from now” quickly. That was then.

Now… if you ask me the same question, what would I do in ten years from now, I would say:

I had no idea :'(

Not the best answer and the proper one, but that is the reality. 

At the End…

Well, at the end, I really need to reconciling with myself to know what I really need to do in life. What would I be in ten years from now and really need to put the details on that. Hopefully I won’t be OMDO (NATO – No Action Talk Only) for this one. *pray*


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