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There Is Something About Blogging That You Should Know

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something about blogging fakta tentang blogging

I was thinking to write about English Friday Challenge, but then when I read the last challenge again, it was about The Great Solar Eclipse. I don’t have any idea about it but I still want to post an English Friday. So… Let’s talk about blogging then.

Blogging: There Is Something About Blogging That You Should Know

something about blogging fakta tentang blogging
There is something about blogging that you need to know if you know what I mean

Yes, there is something about blogging that beyond you’ve ever imagined before. Blogging was used to be known for online journal, such what Raditya Dika’s done in early 2000. And he became famous from it due to his unique writings. Just like what previously mentioned by Mbak Carolina Ratri on her guest post:

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Find your unique voice for your blog – that’s what Mbak Carra wrote on that particular post. Raditya Dika was and is already found his unique voice and using it through all his post on that blog. He wrote his own experiences and using comic voice in making himself a victim of his jokes.

But hey… there is something more you need to know about blogging:

1. Blogging Is About Passion

I had wrote about blogging is passion over and over again. And it was also mentioned on Blogging: Have Fun and Get the Money book by Carolina Ratri as well. Why? Because it really is about passion. Passion in writing, sharing and doing things you really love about and share it through out your writings.

If you don’t have this passion, believe me, you will end up with “I am so lazy to write anything on my blog”, even though we do need to read the #2 below.

2. Blogging Is Not About Writing Daily

Yes… I had wrote and updated this blog daily and it did brings up some blog traffic I wanted to. But actually, as I read on many English written blog post such as Neilpatel.com, Quicksprout.com, problogger.net and many other blogs, blogging is not about daily updating.

Consistently in terms of time (such as updates on every Mondays) or in terms of the Content. If you have Food Blog, it is best to updates about foods and their related content such as reviews of food applications. Occasionally you are allowed to write about politics but hey… your dear readers would have been wondering around. Why do he/she wrote that? Is there something behind that particular post? This also relate to the number 3.

3. Blog For Specific Things

I am not the expert on blogging, there are so many (so called) expert on this thing. But in my own opinion and from my experience, having a specific content is better than the lifestyle blogs. Even if you have a lifestyle blog, I always encourage to have one particular topic you want to focus on.

something about blogging you need to know
There’s something about blogging in Liaharahap.com

For instance is Lia – in her lifestyle blog, liaharahap.com – you can notice instantly what is it she wrote more into. Yes… Beauty and Fashion Style. This doesn’t mean she can’t wrote any other things other than beauty and fashion. She was and is still writing other things along the way.

4. You Are Marketeers

Yes… by blogging, you are marketers. You do branding your product – which is your blog and yourself. You do strategic planning for your brand – by targeting specific topics mentioned above. And if you are receiving job reviews on your blog, you actually is a broker.

Yes, you are promoting brands to your readers and you are selling them through your writings to engage readers in trying those brands. So, are you not a broker in such way? Take a look at this image about definition of broker.

something about blogging facts you need to know
Broker Definition taken from wiki

Broker is also known for intermediary, middleman, liaison. Are bloggers not brokers in those terms? Tertarik Dengan Blogger Dan Broker? Klik!

5. Blogging Is A Long Run Process

Blogging, especially if you are blogging for the money, is about long term process. You can’t get it instantly. You need time. And in the process, you always have to improve yourself into a better and professional blogger. Learn about things you need to know, such as Google Analytics and many other Google’s products and policy is not making you stupid (pardon my language).

Learning about info-graphs is good for you as a blogger because nowadays, readers want to see more rather than read more. And most of all, learning English is gonna make you better in terms of knowledge and also it expand you readership.

It’s All Yours

Yes, all I can do is writing about them. Things you need to know as blogger. But believe me, what I wrote in this “There is something about blogging’ is just a tiny bitty parts. There are many things we have to learn – so as when a new policy announced like yesterday, we are not like man/woman on fire – kebakaran jenggot.

Febriyan Writing about life and anything that happen in life is one of my to do things. That's the reason blog Blog Review, Tips & Inspirasi by Febriyan Lukito born. Now I also admins for: Tempat Nongkrong Seru Pikiran Random Tulisan Blogger Indonesia

12 Replies to “There Is Something About Blogging That You Should Know”

  1. Yup, agree, Mas. Being a success blogger comes from passion and a long time process. And I’m adding two more points: never stop learning, and learn from experts.

  2. Just what is this “kebakaran jenggot” thing, Mas? It seems that everyone is talking about it :hehe.
    I agree, there are a lot of things to consider in making a blog. But I think that everyone making a blog should having some fun, too–this is cliche but very difficult to do, as I myself as an amateur blogger am still trying to have fun in everything I write–even though it’s not focused on a specific thing, I enjoy it :haha.

    1. Hmmm… kasih tahu gak ya… hahahaha. No need to know actually Gara. It’s just something we better not knowing.
      Having fun is what you earned if you consider blogging is your passion Gara. Imho.
      For you… you are a historical travel blogger.

  3. Totally agree! I think passion is the first thing when you do blogging. When a person enjoying writing, blogging then becoming a need – not a must 🙂

  4. Baru baca bukunya mbak carra, beberapa hal disini dibahas lebih detail yach. suka dech, jadi banyak dapat masukan baca tulisan mu dan bukunya mbak carra.

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