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EF#11 – I Am Who I Am

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What’s your #OOTD? 

OOTD definition from Urban Dictionary
OOTD definition from Urban Dictionary

For you who are frequently access Instagram or those who are called as instagramers, should be aware of this hastag – #OOTD. It is an abbreviation of Outfit Of The Day, showing what do you wear from head to toe. What is the top, pants, shoes, even the bag you used. This hastag came up on internet around 2010, at least based on the urban dictionary, it already exist with the definition of #OOTD on that year.

The hastag was famously known in Instagram for its easy to use and share pictures. And nowadays, the #OOTD hastag is also used by many fashion seller to show their own fashion style and intrigue their own sales.

No, I am not going to talk about the sales or business side of #OOTD here. I will discuss about how fashion is all about, at least from some of the fashion bloggers I knew. Ola, owner of Olanatics and MISLA, a fashion line for Islamic women, said that fashion is actually about how you feel inside. It is about be yourself. This also said by some other bloggers, they said that for others to see what good on you is actually driven from what you feel inside. If you feel comfortable with it, they will see it as fashionable enough to be considered to wear.


The tagline is actually not a new tagline for me. I always use it for my #TGFTD post – Thank God For The Day. I always say that the best is to be yourself. Don’t just wear anything that people throw at you because it is about you and yourself. For example, in the ChitChat BEC Group, I was showing a picture I saw on facebook, about a trend on men’s fashion, which is a skirt for men.

Skirt? No, it is not like a traditional skirt from any countries. It is real skirt. And I asked to myself, really??? Is this thing true? The trend for men is to wearing a skirt, like a woman? Well, some members were laughing when I posted that picture. Well, back to the advice from Ola, I decided not to go with the trend. I am not that man who can wear skirt.

I Am Who I Am

That’s why I took this as my OOTD post, I am who I am, because this is about my own comfortableness and myself, right? So, who I am in fashion? None other than a functional type. I wear things that suit me well and because they have function, rather than the trend. You might see me wearing an old fashioned jeans or a standard typical man shoes.

See that jacket on the right? That's the Tangkuban Perahu jacket
See that jacket on the right? That’s the Tangkuban Perahu jacket

I am that person. I prefer a plain working man shoes instead of those shiny shoes with all those attributes. I prefer to wear jean that comfort instead those skinny – pencil typed jeans. I prefer to use T-shirts that not making me feel hot rather than those T-shirt full of glitters.

I even wear jacket with a hoodie because I need it when it rains. I am still wearing the Tangkuban Perahu jacket which I bought several years ago for that reason. If you look into my closet, you can see so little item that I have there. For working shirts, I prefer the regular type shirt instead of those slim fit ones, this is because I know my body type is not suit with the slim fit ones.

For trousers I also prefer to go to tailor and make it instead of buying the ready to wear trousers. If you go to mall, most of the trousers are the slim fit ones, which really not for me because it will show my big thigh. So scratch that type if you want to buy me some trousers.

So, that was my #OOTD and my every day style. Nothing much to show here as I am not a trend follower in fashion. I don’t really care if the slim fit is the future of the shirt for working, as long as it is not making me comfortable enough, I will not wear it.

I am who I am, this is for answering the EF#11 Challenge from BEC about OOTD. What is your #OOTD?

Febriyan Writing about life and anything that happen in life is one of my to do things. That's the reason blog Blog Review, Tips & Inspirasi by Febriyan Lukito born. Now I also admins for: Tempat Nongkrong Seru Pikiran Random Tulisan Blogger Indonesia

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81 Replies to “EF#11 – I Am Who I Am”

  1. simple fashion never fail and always make us comfort too ya Yan. gue juga selalu prefer yang aman2 kalau pake baju the basic (style and color)is the best lah

      1. bukan…. itu di bagian atas tas kan ada yg yg buat pegangan kalau tas di tenteng… saya masukin ke situ… disangkutin ke situ

  2. I read the post whrn it was published but didn’t manage to comment nor reading the comments. Haha. I don’t know why this particular challenge became something something for you. Even your post seemed, I don’t know. It’s just felt something. 😀

  3. I have questions!
    1. What is(are) the difference(s) between Tangkuban Perahu jackets with typical hoodie jackets?
    2. Where did you take the picture?
    I love hoodie too! It’s my second-most loved clothes after flannel shirts. Well, though sometimes I looked “gembel” because I only have two hoodies and I wear them nearly everyday :hehe.

  4. Wear something that you are comfortable in. I think that’s the best approach to being yourself (of course this is by taking attention to the norms like you don’t wear jeans to someone’s wedding for instance. I think that’s disrespectful.)

    1. Off course Mbak. See the situation also. About jeans for wedding, nowadays many wear jeans for wedding. And it is acceptable, I think. They wear Batik and jeans.

      1. Yes, sorry Ryan I still think jeans are disrecpectful for wedding. I know many wear them which annoy the hell out of me unless it’s the written dress code

      2. I see. I never think from that pov before. Now that you’ve mentioned it. Yes it is true Mba. And I was several time using them also. Hihi.

      3. Sorry Ryan I have strong opinion on this because I always put myself in the shoes of the event’s holder. Pictures look bad with people with casual outfit, the elegance of the event also decreases with it. It’s like you don’t put effort to attend their big day and celebrate their happiness. Being invited is an honor and I show my respect by dressing properly.

      4. Being invited is an honor. This is the line we should take in deeply.
        Thank you Mbak for sharing your thoughts about it.

  5. Simple outfit is the best, Mas Ryan 🙂 I personally don’t like seeing guys wearing skinny jeans. And I can’t understand why a man would wear a skirt, to be honest, haha

      1. I know, Mas Ryan. Many Japanese rock bands wear skirts even female outfits for their stage performance needs. And the trend of wearing skirt for men is spreading these days. But I still can’t understand why men would wear skirt, especially for their daily outfits. Oh my hahaha

  6. I agree with your choice Mas. I also prefer to something simple and the most important poin is what we wear must be comfortable for ourself, hihi…

  7. i’m officially the most outdated person when it comes to internet terms, let alone the media-social terms. i didn’t even know that ootd-term existed waay back years ago. haha.
    i am who i am or was it ‘we are what we wear’? what do you think? btw, i can not picture you in skirt nor skinny jeans 😀

    1. Huahahaha. Don’t try to picturing me in those. Hahaha.
      We are what we wear? Hmmm. I prefer I am who I am. Or we are who we are. *instantly confused*

      I know the years due to browsing for this challenge.

      1. bawa payung sebenernya mas Andik..cuma kalau gerimiskan suka males ngeluarin payung, mangkanya hoodie jacket tuh bermanfaat banget 😀

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