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[EF#16] What We Can Learn From Story

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What we can learn from story

When I was a kid, I didn’t get a chance to hear my mother reading me a fairy tale, she had to work for us. But that didn’t stop me to know about tales, especially Indonesian Tales. Indonesia has many kind of tales, such as Ande-Ande Lumut, Bawang Merah Bawang Putih, Jaka Tarub, etc. I read the tales from a book, either the handout book during my elementary or on Bobo, kids’ magazine.

I didn’t want to talk about those tales I’ve mentioned above, instead I want to share a story (I don’t know whether this is considered as a tale or not) that I read when I was working at the bank. The story is about a frog that joining a race. Here it goes:

The frogs were gathered for a race, the race is about getting on top of a tower. Many frogs come and join the race, they were very excited about the race. Some for the price of course. Many others watch the race from the sidewalk, they did not believe the frogs (the small ones) can success climbing the tower and be on top.

“They will not succeed, they can’t climb it. It is hard you know”

“Yes… it is hard, they would fall down, believe me.”

Many negative words were said by the audiences, claiming that they wouldn’t success going to the on the top of the tower. And turned out that it was true. Many frogs fell down. Many were giving up in the middle of the climbing, either due to their exhaustion or perhaps they heard about what audiences said.

But one managed to climb to the top and became the winner. One of the audiences was wondering how come he can manage to go to the top. So he asked the winner how he can manage to go to the top. Apparently, the winner was deaf. He didn’t listen any comments from the audiences.

The story has a really nice value, in my humble opinion, and really applicable to the real world, especially working situation. What we can learn from story of the frog above are:

1. Fight

The tower is what we want to achieve in life, whether in work or in general situation. Our dreams, that is the tower represent in the story. We are not alone in trying to achieve those dreams. We have to fight for it. If it really matters, you will fight till the end. Never giving up for the dreams we have, even there are many challenges we have to face to achieve it.

Fight for your dreams. No matter how hard it could be, never ever giving up.

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2. Focus

In pursuing our dreams, we will facing many things that seems to be important at that time, but when we look at the big picture, it actually nothing. We have to focus on what we want, plan everything what we need to do to achieve the dreams, and DO IT. Yes, we have to focus. Many distractions will come on your way in pursuing the dreams, but make your mind focus on the dreams will help you achieve them.

Put your dreams 5cm in front of yourself.

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3. Ignorance

Some say that ignorance is a bliss. would you agree? I mean from the story, we are learning that many people will say things that maybe bring your hope down. Making you want to stop doing those things to achieve the dreams you want. Like in the story, the winner is the deaf frog. He didn’t hear anything. Sometime we have to be deaf in order to achieve our dreams. Really, we do.

I want to share about the time when I was applying for a scholarship in one of the biggest bank in Indonesia. Many questioning my choice at that time. They asked me to reconsider it. Asked me to resign from the scholarship program and do things differently. What would my life be if I listened? So yes, sometime we have to be ignorance in order achieving our dreams. But we can’t ignore all those good inputs for us from them though.

Okay, those are the things what we can learn from a story. Perhaps it is not a tale like we asked for the English Friday #16 Challenge from BEC. But I really want to share this good story for all. If you want to join the challenge, please do click on the link above. And I want to share also a blog about Indonesian Tales, you can read many Indonesian tales there.



Febriyan Writing about life and anything that happen in life is one of my to do things. That's the reason blog Blog Review, Tips & Inspirasi by Febriyan Lukito born. Now I also admins for: Tempat Nongkrong Seru Pikiran Random Tulisan Blogger Indonesia

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31 Replies to “[EF#16] What We Can Learn From Story”

  1. I’ve first read this story on my English’s national exam question sheet :haha. So memorable. And on the exam, we were asked about what is the moral value of this story. So yes, I chose the answer that is similar with your explanation above :haha.
    A story that has memories in many ways of our lives, doesn’t it?

    1. Yes Gara. It has many things to remind us. Something that I really need now.

      So finally you are able to post and comment on WP. How?

  2. Di Konjen Medan ada versi Jepangnya, Bang.. Dulu pernah disuruh baca sama dosen, tapi males banget mesti bolak-balik buka kamus. Hahah 😀

  3. This is the first time I heard about the frog story, so inspiring Mas Ryan 🙂 Maybe the movie which has the similar story is Turbo the snail. Anyway, the youtube video is great 🙂 TFS

  4. “You’ve to set your own goal, focus on it, and believe that you will get it sooner or later. Hearing people is a good act but obey their wishes isn’t always good enough”, said by my mother.
    From the story above, we are taught not ‘to judge a book by its cover’, too. What do you think, ko?
    Anyway, thanks for sharing. It’s a good story, indeed.

  5. I agree with the 3 points you’ve concluded for this story. Hardest effort and focus are keys to succeed. And yeah, sometimes we have to ignore what people said. We take the good inputs from them, but just ignore the negative ones who want to bring you down.
    Brilliant post, Mas Ryan. Full of life lesson, as always 🙂

      1. Haha why do you even think like that? The life lesson in your posts is the plus point and has become one of the reasons why I’m following your blog. Cheers, Mas Ryan 🙂

  6. agree… we dont have to listen to anyone who underestimate our ability to achieve the dream… just focus to what we are doing and believe that we can make it.. good tale mas Ryan ;))

      1. and sometimes the one who underestimate us / tell us we won’t succeed is ourselves 😀
        It’s true that we shouldn’t listen to that one too

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