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[EF#23] What do I Prepare For Mudik

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mudik tradisi orang indonesia pas lebaran

Mudik, a tradition in Indonesia during Idul Fitri holiday (Hari Raya in Malay). People usually go back to their hometown to celebrate the Idul Fitri with their family. The road will be packed with cars, buses, and any other transportation means during this Mudik time. And tickets for buses, airplanes, and trains usually full-booked for this event.

That’s why many have to prepare it far before the Mudik time. For instance, for using trains, we should order the tickets at least one month before. Otherwise we could have no ticket for coming back home. You can bought it online though, because it is one of the common thing to do nowadays. Or if you miss it, you can gamble to buy it on the spot. There will be CALO – people who sell tickets on the spots for a higher price.

As for myself, what do I prepare for Mudik? Almost nothing. Why? My hometown is the city where I live in and I don’t have families to visit outside Jakarta – at least during the Hari Raya. Well, I had once live outside Jakarta – during 2008 – 2009 I was in Cirebon. But I didn’t do Mudik during Hari Raya. I spent my time there because the train ticket price was so high… so I told my mother that I wouldn’t go home during the Hari Raya.

I went back about two weeks after – where the price was normal already. I was pretty much stingy during that time when it came about money. Now? Hehehehe… bit normal. 😛 So, if I don’t do Mudik, what is the thing I want to share here?

mudik tradisi orang indonesia pas lebaran
Google Result for Mudik Bareng 2015

Okay… what I want to share is actually about activities that had been (and still) done by many companies during Idul Fitri Holiday. That is Mudik Bareng (Mudik Together). As a part of Company or Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to the community, many companies make a Mudik Bareng program. It is cheaper than doing your own Mudik – off course cheaper, the cost is the company’s burden.

Just register yourself into one of the program and then come when the time of Mudik Bareng on the exact location mentioned by the company. You will go as a group and share moments with them. If you don’t have enough money but really want to do Mudik, you can consider to take this option. Of course with its benefits comes also its minus.

One of the minus things is that you have to Mudik on the schedule that company already make. You can’t choose your own date and time. But on the other hand, going Mudik with lots of people is one benefits you can take if you are a socialized type of person.

So, do you want to do Mudik Bareng or Mudik by your own? Your choice… as life is a series of choices to make.

This post is submitted for Blog English Club Weekly Challenge. This week challenge – English Friday #23 is about Mudik Preparation. If you are interested in joining the club, feel free to check on the link. Happy Friday all…

Febriyan Writing about life and anything that happen in life is one of my to do things. That's the reason blog Blog Review, Tips & Inspirasi by Febriyan Lukito born. Now I also admins for: Tempat Nongkrong Seru Pikiran Random Tulisan Blogger Indonesia

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21 Replies to “[EF#23] What do I Prepare For Mudik”

  1. Never do mudik mas,but i think mudik is so rempong. A lot of thing to prepare money, clothes, tickets, and mental to enjoy your trip because many things happen during your trip. For those who do mudik be careful on the way.

      1. That’s really true, one of my neighbors does mudik every year. she always buys many things in Bekasi such as soap, clothes, etc then i asked her “why did you buy many things here?” she said “oow! it will be different when you buy them in my hometown, something which brought from the city means a lot for some people in the village.” #factfromthefield

  2. Me too. In Indo I lived in a city where my grandparents from my Ibu and Bapak lived too, so yeah almost never mudik 😀 like you
    Now we’re overseas but mudik will cost a lot of money and it seems we can’t enjoy it anyway.. no holiday here and work is waiting also 😀

      1. hehe nggak sebanyak itu kok very nya 😀
        kalo seputar asia pasifik ke indo byk penerbangan murah. dari oz bisa naik air asia / scoot per orang nya bisa kena Rp. 1.25 juta PP. cuman kalo aku jadi mahal krn dikali tiga orang 😀
        nah tp kalo tmn2 yg tinggal di eropa/amerika, g tau lagi deh 😀

  3. Mudiiiik. Saya juga mudik Mas biarpun saya tak puasa :hehe, habisnya liburnya sayang kalau dilewatkan di perantauan. Bayangkan saja, cuti 5 hari kerja bisa dapat libur 15 hari :hehe. Untuk tahun ini, itu konstelasi yang menyenangkan banget. Semoga saja di tahun-tahun mendatang juga demikian :hihi.

    Senangnya yang bisa tinggal sekota dengan orang tua di seputaran Jakarta :hoho.

  4. Yes.. mudik time in Lebaran.. i ‘m mudik to Surabaya, and then go to Bondowoso. We’re going to ‘kumpul keluarga’, reunion event with my big family. hehe..

  5. thank God I live not too far from my parents. only 3 hours driving (in a normal traffic) and yes it usually becomes longer due to traffic jam in Hari Raya. not much to prepare, the most important is cash; ‘coz you’re gonna need much in lebaran day :)))

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