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Updates on Masterchef US S.6 – Goodbye Hetal And Katrina

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It already in my mind for a very long time to write about this, but I haven’t managed to sit down and write it. It is about goodbye, but it is not a sad story – it truly is not a sad story with a sad ending. This is a goodbye story, but a beginning of a long journey ahead. A story of one home cook that saying goodbye last night on Masterchef US Season 6, Hetal Vasavada.

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Since the beginning of Masterchef US Season 6 started, I already laid my eyes on several contestants, such as Derrick Peltz, Amanda Saab and Hetal Vasavada. But last night, Hetal was eliminated – she didn’t make it to the top six. I was devastated but lately, I did feel she wasn’t in the game at all. She seems to lost her “A” game, not like on the few weeks before. But hey… I do feel you will be a great cook and bring the Asian – Indian dish to the top.

Last night, another wonderful home-cook was leaving Masterchef US Season 6 – Katrina. She was not my favorite contestant, but she did a really great job during the competition. Now the remaining Top 4 on Masterchef US Season 6 are Derick, Stephen, Claudia, and Nick. I wonder who would be the winner for this season. 

Who Is Hetal Vasavada

goodbye hetal masterchef us season 6
Image taken from Bellmedia.ca

Let’s get to know a little bit more about Hetal Vasavada. She came from a big family, with a Gujarati as her family background originally. And she is very proud with her background and brought that root into her dishes during the Masterchef competition.

Since she was a kid, she already fell in love into spices. She loved to do experiment and an Apple Pie Puff Pastry was created. Her love of spices also lead her into the culinary journey that she enjoyed in the Masterchef US Season 6. And she proved us wrong about a vegetarian can’t cook meat beautifully, she managed becoming the 7th in the biggest culinary competition in US.

Even though she already eliminated from the competition, she will keep on going do what she love – as written in her blog – Pretty Polymath yesterday. She will continue fighting to have a restaurant incubator where she can help other people who dream of owning their own restaurant. One thing for sure, she won’t stop blogging and doing anything related to food.

What I Have Learned From Hetal

I really love this reality show – Masterchef, either it’s the junior or for the “senior” hahaha. It teach us so many thing from a cooking show. This season, Masterchef US Season 6, you can feel the intensity of rivalry between Derrick and Stephen, unlike previous seasons where rivalry was hidden. I am not saying that this reality show teach us how to battle head to head, but actually through Hetal, we can learn some valuable lessons of life.

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I remember one episode, where Hetal was on the losing team of the Team Challenge. She had the chance not to do the Pressure Test, but she didn’t because she felt that she was responsible of the lost. So she competed on the Pressure Test. This is one lesson that Hetal teach me during the Masterchef US Season 6. She taught me how to be a leader. That:

Being a leader is not about taking the easy way out – but be responsible for each actions taken

Meet Katrina Kozar

goodbye katrina masterchef us season 6
image from wikia.com

Katrina, one of the unexpected Top 6 in this season, in my mind. I never considered her to make it to the Top 6. But as the competition rolls out, she gave surprises along the way. She showed how big is her passion for food and cooking. And she kept mesmerizing judges, especially Gordon, up to last night competition.

I learnt so much also from Katrina, but the most important thing that I learnt is:

Love what you do – and pour your heart out in every step of the way

No matter what challenges she was facing, she poured her heart out into the dish she made. She really does love food and cooking, and every time I watched her, I can feel that love. And perhaps that also what Gordon seen in her and asked her to join his restaurant in France (wowww).

Even though she failed for being the champion, but for me, she already achieved big, by Gordon’s intention. It shows that if you really pour your heart on any kind of works you are doing, others will recognize you for your great and passionate works. If you want to see her recipes, you can read them on her blog – Katrina’s Kitchen.

Thank you Hetal and Katrina for the lessons learnt. I am sure both of you will never stop pursuing your dreams. Goodbye Hetal and Katrina, for now.

Febriyan Writing about life and anything that happen in life is one of my to do things. That's the reason blog Blog Review, Tips & Inspirasi by Febriyan Lukito born. Now I also admins for: Tempat Nongkrong Seru Pikiran Random Tulisan Blogger Indonesia

Behind The Scene

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18 Replies to “Updates on Masterchef US S.6 – Goodbye Hetal And Katrina”

  1. WHAAAT? Katrina dan Hetal 🙁 duuhh udah gak ikutin masterchef hikz.. Wis lah, saya jagoin Derrick

  2. Wah aku juga ngikutin Masterchef… Setuju ama mas Ryan, dari awal yang paling ‘eye catching’ tuh Derrick, Amanda, ama Hetal. Simply because they are ‘different’ 😀 Yang paling suka di season ini adalah pesertanya baek2… Ya walopun ada drama benci2an dikit antara Derrick Stephen, tapi ngga lebay….

    1. Drama season ini wow banget Tia. Challengenya juga kayaknya lbh susah. Banyak cut off waktu challenge dibanding sebelumnya.

      Jd jagodanmu siapa nih?

  3. Terima kasih buat inspirasinya ya Mas. Jadi agak hilang nih rasa malas blogging saya (selain karena baru balik dengan semua ini sih :haha). Intinya memang begitu ya, mencintai sesuatu dengan hati akan membuat sesuatu itu dilakukan sepenuh hati, tanpa beban, apalagi rasa sesal. Semoga kita bisa menjadi orang-orang yang demikian. Eh, dengan keadaan saya yang lagi unlucky ini jadi mendadak dapat ide baru, deh :haha.

    1. Aku jd bingung nih. Yang mana yang menginspirasi Gar. Hehe. Tapi kembali kasih aja deh. Ayooo nuliss. Cemungudh. Biarkan hati yang luka aja yang bikin perih. Yang lain jangan

      1. Haha, ada kok Mas. Iya nanti kalau tangan sudah lebih bisa diajak kompromi Mas, ini masih seperti daging gosong rupanya, agak menyeramkan :hehe.

  4. Gw juga ngikutin masterchef. Seru banget ya.

    Hetal hebat nya karena dia vegetarian ya tp bisa masak segala macem meat. Tp emang dia belakangan menurun ya jd gak heran kena eliminasi.

    Gw ngejagoin Derrick buat menang. Kalo lu ngejagoin siapa?

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