3 things you need to know to start blogging

3 Things You Need To Know To Start Blogging

Why do you blog? Many would answered to make money from blog. Many friends that get lucky and get the money from blogging. That is the most top reasons for someone making a blog. It is deferred from the old days’ reasons, where blogging is a just an online diary. But hey…. before you start blogging, read this 3 (three) things you need to know to start blogging.

3 (Three) Things You Need to Know to Start Blogging

In general, there are many things you need to know to do blogging. But to make it simple and answering Blog English Club’s challenge about THREE, I will write only 3 essential things you need to consider before you start blogging yourself.

3 things you need to know to start blogging
3 Things You Need To Know To Start Blogging

#1. Knowing Why Do You Blog

In the first place, you need to know why do you blog. What is the reason you do blogging. What is it you looking for by creating a blog. This is the most essential thing you need to know to start blogging. Because, different reasons will create different approach during blogging itself.

There are many reasons for someone do blogging, as I mentioned above, some of them are:

  • Hobby – blogging is a place for your hobby in writing
  • Sharing – you feel that you want to share what you have inside your head
  • Promotion – you have an offline business and you want to promote it
  • Learning – blog is a place for you to learn how to write better
  • Gain confidence – for someone who are not talkative around people, blog is a place to talk about things and gain your confidence.
  • Others – many other reasons of blogging. You can read it here.

Making money is also included in that post, but let’s not make the “making money” as a reason, because…

#2. Have Passion in Writing

Some say that just write on a blog, instantly you’ve become a blogger. But you know what? Writing in a blog – especially if you are going to write daily, is not easy. You really have to have passion in writing. Writing is like something you have to do.

When you don’t have that kind of passion, you are creating a blog but then nothing written there. Perhaps one post a month – could be also one in a year. I did experience this also. Having a passion in writing things around you is great because you would wrote on any occasions without feeling you HAVE TO, you do it because you want to – you love to do it.

Because when you write and write and write, the brand will see how you progress and see the value of your blog. Brand would not looking at a blog which not updated for so long. They need blogs that updated (daily).

#3. The Main Thing about Blogging is Having Fun

Even though, many bloggers now getting the money from their blogs, they did blogging for fun at the beginning. Like what written on the book Blogging: Have Fun and Get the Money by Carolina Ratri, getting the money is long term. If you just started blogging yesterday, please don’t expecting the money come to your blog today.

Believe me, I’ve been there done that. Focusing on getting the money from blog is not the best way to do blogging. Forget it. It will come to you, if you are ready.


Getting used with blogging first and knowing the blogging world, inside out, then you can think about: “how to get the money from blog”. Don’t let yourself caught up in those endless thoughts. If you want to start blogging, put those 3 (three) things you need to know to start blogging.

They didn’t get their position just by creating blog, but they did many things that take them into their position now. (Read: Things you can learn from Blog Celebrity).


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