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[EF#20] The Relationship Effect

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relationship effect at work

Dear Dr. Work,

I have problem at office. I worked as an accountant that mostly responsible to analyze and preparing the report for monthly review. The review sent to my boss for review from him first.

If he said some need corrections, then I did it. After everything okay with my boss, I will sent the report to Head Office. They usually also gave some comment for me to revised. But my boss said no need to do it.

Each month I am dealing with it. I am quite confused which one should I follow. My boss or the Head Office. Fyi, my boss’ relationship with Head Office people are not in a good way, personally and business wise.

Please help me how to do solve this kind of problem. Which one should I follow? My boss or the Head Office people?


Confused Worker



Dear Confused Worker,

relationship effect
Relationship at work (image from Pexel.com)

I understand your confusion dealing with the two parties at your office. In one hand, it is your boss, direct superior whom is in control of your work life. On the other hand, the Head Office could also affecting your working life.

The complicated relationship between you, your boss and your Head Office people is common happening in real working life. You are not the only one, many people is facing and will be facing this kind of relationship in their working life.

Below are things that you can do for the situation, hopefully those steps can help you with the relationship effect that you are facing now.

Knowing what is the reason

First, you need to know what is the reason that your boss doesn’t want to comply with the Head Office’s review. And you need to know also why there is additional review from Head Office. Both side should have their own reasons. Figuring out the “why” isn’t easy but if you do, you can do the next step easily.

For example, your boss doesn’t want to comply due to his bad relationship with the Head Office’s people. This is personal, then what you can do next is to convince your boss that the review from Head Office is actually a good thing for the company point of view. In this case, you need to know why the Head Office gave those reviews.

Approach the boss and Head Office personally

If you already know that your boss has issues with the Head Office people, such example above, then you need to do an approach to your boss personally. You can remind him about the company goals. A good boss shall do the best for company. 

In the other hand, you need to approach the Head Office people also. If they reasons of the review didn’t make sense, you have to able to say no also. While doing this personal approach individually, you have to keep your mind in the sake of company.

Do the best you can

In the both ways above, all you can do is giving the best you can for the company. Many will see how you work and they will recognize you at the end. In any situations you are facing, always keep in mind that you had delivered the best you can do. As many say: “Do the best, and let God do the rest”.

I hope those steps can help you to get out from the current conditions. The steps are not easy to do.

Best wishes,

Dr. Work


Additional advice written by Dr. Work that are not published by the paper:

Last resort

relationship effect at work
hand in hand with other

You have done anything you can to fix the problem. But at the end, you are noticing that there are no changes in your boss’ and your Head Office people’s behavior, there is one thing you can do. The last resort that you can do is resigning.

I am not suggesting you to resign immediately, but if you already done everything you can, do it. The complicated relationship between your boss and Head Office people will be affecting your work tremendously. So, instead of being caught in between, let go yourself from the bad relationship.

A bad relationship among co-workers isn’t good environment to be involved in. The bad relationship towards the working environment has negative effect. The relationship effect also would eating all the good things that are existing there. But remember, that an ideal environment isn’t easy to find.

When you do resign and apply to other company, you might find the same bad relationship again. It is your choice then, to stay or to leave. No matter what the choice is, you need to give all out – do the best you can and be responsible to each choices.


This is my submission for EF#20 – Relationship Effect from Blog English Club. If you want to know what is Blog English Club and others submission for the challenge, you can click on the link above.

Febriyan Writing about life and anything that happen in life is one of my to do things. That's the reason blog Blog Review, Tips & Inspirasi by Febriyan Lukito born. Now I also admins for: Tempat Nongkrong Seru Pikiran Random Tulisan Blogger Indonesia

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12 Replies to “[EF#20] The Relationship Effect”

  1. Great suggestion, friend. I think the decision depends on the employee. List some advantages and disadvantages if he resign and compare to the situation if he keep working at that office. Last, don’t forget to pray for the God. to ask for the best solution

  2. Good advice 🙂 eventhough I never had this kind of situation in a real life (FYI: I am the boss for myself rite now) I am glad to knowing how to deal with it.

    1. The boss of yourself. Well perhaps you can share your relationship with your boss now? Hehe.

      Thank you for reading it Mbak

    1. Will say your gratitude to Dr Work Sandrine.
      Thank you for reading.
      Perhaps you have some advice also, considering you are in the same situation with the confused worker?

  3. This is similar to a student working on a report/project with more than one supervisors/advisors 😀
    Btw, I thought it was quite a long post! But it turned out to be still less than 800 words o.O

  4. gee…quite a dilemma. i wouldn’t want to be in the middle of your boss and Head Office boss. my colleague once told me…who do you report to? then that is your boss and report to no other boss. do as he/she instructs you. and if each bosses have their personal issues, then you shouldn’t think of their issues. i’ve had my share of thinking how ideal working life would be, but hey…nothing is perfect, so..just like you said.. do the best and do what your heart tells you to do 🙂 happy working day!

    1. Yes Rina. Dilemma indeed. Wanting not to involve but eventually it is affecting me also. Hahaha.
      If their issues didn’t affecting the works, I think there wouldn’t be dilemma at all.

      1. then don’t involve! easy for me to say, huh! hehehe 😀 but seriously, bosses are always right so let’s not make fuss about it. try to be happy with other aspects of life. happy friday!

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