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Ef#21 – How To Have Holiday Under $10 in Jakarta

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how to have holiday under $10 in Jakarta

Wheww really long title, huh? Inspired by the movie How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days. Hahahaha. How to have holiday under $10 in Jakarta. First of all, $10 is about 100K in rupiah. Is it possible to have a holiday with that amount – here in Jakarta, considering the food cost itself already about $4?

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It is POSSIBLE. It really is, as long as you know the how to. My how to have holiday under $10 in Jakarta is based on my own experiences – several time.

  1. Go by yourself unless you have friend who are willing to go down with you.
  2. Taking the public transport like TransJakarta instead of Taxi or Ojek (the cost is about $0.35). Or you can take the commuterline – train to go to your holiday destination (the cost is depending on your route. Within Jakarta is about $0.2.  
  3. One of options you have to spend your holiday in Jakarta is to go to Kawasan Kota Tua (Old Batavia).
  4. Do walk. Really, literally walk. Bit exhausting but really fun and cost-saving activities.
  5. Bring your own water. If you are staying in a place which provides you free water, take as much as you can. Or you can buy one big bottle mineral water (about $0,5).
  6. Bring your own food. You have a picnic there. Believe me. It is fun.
  7. If you want to buy food or drink because you didn’t bring them, buy them in the Mini Mart such as Alfa Mart and Indomaret. They have a standardized price.

Okay. Those are my how to have holiday under $10 in Jakarta. You can choose other spots if you like, such as Taman Mini or Museum Prasasti. I mentioned Kawasan Kota Tua because in that area you can find many museums, such as Jakarta Historical Museum and Puppet Museum.

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Bogor Botanical Garden – Holiday under $10 

For today’s challenge I want to share the budget if you want to go to Bogor Botanical Garden.

how to have holiday under $10 in jakarta
Cost Detail to Bogor Botanical Garden

So the total cost for going to Bogor Botanical Garden from Cibubur is about ($2.3×2) + $1.4 = $6. So I still have $4 left on my pocket then. If you are from Jakarta and using the Commuter Line, total cost is about $2.4. The entrance fee to Bogor Botanical Garden is different between local and foreigner – this is something that common in Indonesia.

What would I do inside the Bogor Botanical Garden? Well, I want to have some picnic for sure. And see all the garden’s collections. It has many collections. The last time I went there (around 2010), there is a new area – Cactus garden. If I am lucky, I can see Rafflessia Arnoldii blossoming. And see that Presidential Palace in Bogor, which is next to this garden.

If you want to know more about Bogor Botanical Garden, please wait for my post after lunch.

That’s my submission for the BEC’s weekly challenge with theme: Holiday Under 100K You Must See. So it is possible to have fun with a limited budget, right? What is your holiday under 100K you must see? Let’s share.

Image of Rafflesia Arnoldii is courtesy of Antaranews.com

Febriyan Writing about life and anything that happen in life is one of my to do things. That's the reason blog Blog Review, Tips & Inspirasi by Febriyan Lukito born. Now I also admins for: Tempat Nongkrong Seru Pikiran Random Tulisan Blogger Indonesia

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31 Replies to “Ef#21 – How To Have Holiday Under $10 in Jakarta”

  1. Wow, under $10 holiday in Jakarta. I didn’t know it was possible but you have the proof. The two times I went to holiday in Jakarta my dad’s chaffeur drove me around. I remember going to Taman Mini and it was so hot under the sun 😀 My dad didn’t want me to take public transport because he said it was dangerous and not reliable.

    1. It is possible Mabel. Well using a chauffeur can be less expensive if you are not taking the gasoline as a cost.
      It is hot in Jakarta. And Taman Mini is an open ground. Making it hotter. Now we have TransJakarta which is less dangerous and more reliable.
      If you are in Jakarta you can contact me and I’ll show you how. Hahaha

      1. At that time the chauffeur was from my dad’s company. So no, didn’t have to pay for petrol on m part. Yes, Taman Mini was an open ground and I think I got two shades darker after an hour there!

        Will let you know if I’m there again. Would love someone to show me the best martabak manis there 😉

      2. Whoaaaa. You still can not move on from Martabak Manis Mabel? Okay. I’ll check which one is the best one.

        Well you can always go to Bogor Botanical Garden also Mabel. I’ve posted it also. It is breezy there.

      3. No, no. I can’t. Two times I’ve been to Jakarta and I’ve NEVER had the chance to eat it 🙁 I hear the roadside ones are the best but dad wouldn’t let the family go near it.

        So helpful, Ryan. Would love to go to the breezy botanical garden 🙂

  2. You’ve already taken Oud Batavia and ‘s Plantentuin, so what’s left for me to write, Mas? :haha :kidding.
    Yes, if you want a cheap one, you should walk a lot, but sadly, our city still doesn’t provide a proper pedestrian walk yet :hm. I hope we could settle this issue soon.

    1. You can write it again Gara. Hahaha. I didn’t use it. Haha. Well, at least walking around in Oud Batavia is still okay. Just beware with the pickpocket

  3. So, my destination will be the cheapest,, just wait mine 😀

    The rules have to change, 100K for a person, if i invite my husband, it must be 200K 😀

  4. Aaaaak. Your blog didn’t catch my comment :'(
    Anyway good one Yan. We still can buy so many things there actually. Many street food vendors right?

    1. Really? Lemme check spam.
      Yes. But mostly the price is already up by the seller Dan. Better bring from home if you really want hahaha

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