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Bloggers, Prepare Yourself for the Future of Blogging

The future of blogging is shifting. People not only want to read the writings from bloggers, they also want to see more interesting content – visually. And regarding the template of our blogs, readers are expecting a mobile friendly template, which they can view using their mobile.

Those are the trends-related SEO for the 2017. Will it be gone? Nope. In fact, those trends are going to be more and more important for us, bloggers, to implement through out our blog post. People are loving the visual content more than into the long form post (2.000 words) without images.

Why Visual Content and What is the Effect on Future of Blogging?

First of, let me give you this infographic created by Ethos3. It explains why people more into visual content such as infographic. Image do have effect more than words – especially when it comes to social media promotion of your blog post.

future of blogging - importance of visual content
Why and what kind of visual content needed in the future of blogging – especially here in Indonesia, infographic by ethos3

The Visual Content mentioned on the infographic were presentation, video and infographic itself. I tried using it into my blog about blogging, and it does sure attract more – if we do it right, of course.

You can always tell as well, when you post a video on Facebook, it will attract more people to watch rather than post with words only. This is the future of blogging as well.

Hey Bloggers, Do Learn About Visual Content Now!

Here in Indonesia, Bloggers already shift to vlogging. Many now do videos rather than a blog post. Or include a video into their blog post rather than plain 2.000 words blog post. It is actually a good sign, imho. It means that Indonesian Bloggers are aware about the trends.

But, in my own opinion as well, some of the bloggers didn’t capture the essence of a vlogging correctly and they just do what others do. There are so many things we, bloggers, need to learn regarding the visual content video actually, such as:

  1. Learn how to make a great video.
  2. Learn about SEO of a video on youtube.
  3. Learn about how to get more subscribers on youtube and get traffics from there.
  4. Learn how about to promote the video and tracking them properly
  5. Do we need to embed the youtube video or just upload video directly to facebook or blog post, etc.

Many other things related to video content that we need to learn. And when we do want to focus on video, we have to spend time more to create a content that matters. We can’t take it as granted – we have to treat our youtube channel as same as our own blog. And believe me, it takes time – there is no shortcut to success in video.

And when we speak about the other type of visual content, infographic, I once learnt about it through a workshop, and man…. it was hard. Especially for me who doesn’t have a great artistic sense. I was learning about how to make infographic from scratch and it really need time to master it.

  1. What kind of infographics do we want to create? Each type has it’s own purpose and differences in making it.
  2. Do research! Look again to infographic above. It mentioned many sources. In order to make our infographic useful, we need to do research thoroughly.
  3. Choose your template of infographics – this also regarding the flow of data and how the data represents
  4. Choose the images you are going to use to visualize those data
  5. Choose the color that suited.

Gosh! So many things we need to learn just to conquer the visual content. And actually, I am not so good on both of visual content type above. But, that is life, right? About learning new things and do the best we can.

Another Future of Blogging: Mobile Friendliness

And don’t forget about your blog appearance – it has to be mobile friendly. In fact, you need to implement AMP on your blog. Google already mention about this AMP as one of search engine ranking factors. But, luckily, we do not need to be afraid.

Most of templates for blogs out there are mobile friendly ready. We just need to choose the right themes we are going to used for our blogs, whether you are using blogspot or wordpress as your CMS. Both provides mobile friendly themes template. You just need to choose the right one.

Preparing Future of Blogging Now?

We have to… or else. Well, compared between learning about visual content and mobile friendly – I think we ought to focus more into those visual content. It is the future of blogging anyway, so if we have to work hard for it, why not? We don’t want to left behind, right?

How about you? What do you think about the future of blogging that we need to focused on?

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