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Tulisan dalam bahasa Inggris di Blog Febriyan

EF#2 – Wildest Dream of Mine

As a member of Blog English Club (BEC), I have to make a post every Friday. This is the second post with a theme: “Wildest Dreams.” The Free Dictionary by …

BEC Update

Setiap tempat memiliki aturan yang berbeda. Demikian juga BEC. Kami memilki aturan tersendiri. Apa saja? Dan berminat ikutan Blog English Club? Cara daftar di sini.

EF – One Word for 2015

As I mentioned before, every Friday is going to be the Blog English Club post. And today’s theme is about one word that describes the 2015 according to me. …

Blog English Club Is Here

If you want to know why this Club form, you can check this post or Mas Dani’s post here. As mentioned in my previous post, today me, Mas Dani …