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EF#9 – Lonesome Blogger Network

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EF#9 - Lonesome Blogger Network 1

Never ever thinking that you were alone in this world. We are here for you, help you going through all troubles and push away your lonesomeness. That’s what friends are for. 

No, quote above isn’t from Lenka’s Trouble is A Friend or Dionne Warwick’s That’s What Friends are For song lyrics. That was just my random thought when I read over and over again about this week theme of Blog English Club, meet up among blogger.

To be frankly, I haven’t met many bloggers unlike Dani. Well, actually Dani was the first blogger I met. We met during lunch on 2013 due to we are working in the same building. We went lunch and talked a lot. He was like what he wrote in his blog, an easy-going person and dressed well (I want to used fashionable but if I used it, I think Dani will smack me down). He was is a great man, real family man. At that time, I didn’t know Mba Mikan otherwise I would asked her also to meet.

BEC Meet Up
BEC Meet Up

And the second meet up was last Saturday, the BEC’s meet up. This one made me more nervous because this was a big event held by BEC and I am one of the Admins. Luckily, the event was success, I also successfully asked my friends to help on streaming, gifts and documentation. Hahaha.

A Lonesome Blogger

Enough talking about the BEC Meet Up, this whole week, my posts were about the event. What I want to write here is more about why we, bloggers, need to have some meet up? I don’t know the history of the meet up or in Indonesian, famously known as Kopi Darat – KopDar (why it is called KopDar?). But I am really grateful to the person who came up with this.

Being blogger, I know the importance of other bloggers in our life. We can’t just write on our blog, post it and then do nothing. No socialization with other bloggers. I mean, bloggers are supporting each other. This is what I feel for being blogger, that if we didn’t connect with others, we will be like a lonesome writer in this limitless-big world.

Each blogger have their own way to write about certain things and by being connected each others, we can read another point of view and learn more about writing and also blogging. For instance, I learn so much from Ola and her recent post about Blogging Tips. Who would thought that the blog design could be so complicated yet useful to attracts people to read. And also Mas Rifki who shared how to put more post on each post like I put at the end of this post.

Another example is BEC Admins group. In this group, we do not only talking about BEC itself, but we also talk about our own blog and our problems. Such as, last night, I was fed up writing. Then Dani mentioned me on twitter about what to do when you bored blogging. Or perhaps when we push the dentist to post on her blog, remind her about hiatus effect on her blog, etc.

That’s for me is the importance to have a good network with bloggers around you. And as I mentioned in my previous post about networking and entrepreneurship, this network among blogger also needed to grow. Then, you might also ask, why bloggers have to meet up, if they are already connected one another in blogging world?

 The Kopi Darat

Trivia question:  who is that?
Trivia question:
who is that man standing

Well, to answer the question, personally meeting bloggers in person is like seeing a character in a book or movie that we love in real world. If we were learning and having so much fun reading their posts, I do believe, we will have more learning and having more fun if we met.

We can really exchange information about anything that perhaps would be difficult to talk about using messaging applications and also blog comments. We can really know also what really they talk about things by seeing their body language and everything. Things that could be miss-interpreted if we use messaging applications, could be found out easily and solve immediately.

That’s what I think why blogger should do KopDar or Meet Up or Coffee Landed (grammar Nazi please ignore the last one), well at least in my mind versions. I really do think that we would have many things to learn more if we do interact face to face instead of in virtue only. 

And as I mentioned before, KopDar enrich our networks in real life, we can meet so many people with different background, discuss anything and perhaps do some relation, whether it’s love relation or work relation, who knows?

So… what do you think? Do bloggers need to have a KopDar? Let me read yours sight about this.

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Febriyan Writing about life and anything that happen in life is one of my to do things. That's the reason blog Blog Review, Tips & Inspirasi by Febriyan Lukito born. Now I also admins for: Tempat Nongkrong Seru Pikiran Random Tulisan Blogger Indonesia

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53 Replies to “EF#9 – Lonesome Blogger Network”

  1. wah asyiknya yg kopdar, klo saya agak minder ikutan kopdar begini soalnya udh ngerasemak2 banget. yg muda yg kopdar, yg emak2 nonton ajee …

    1. hahahaha. kan nerbitin doang gratis mas kalau di sana kan? tapi kalau mau pakai jasa desainnya baru kan dicharge gitu?

  2. Hiatus is killing. Really, it doesn’t do any good for blog’s health. I’ve been hiatus yesterday because of this book I try to finish on reading it and the jazz event, but just hiatus on one day already make me confused in finishing my posts’ drafts. Haha. I wonder what will happen next week, since I can’t even touch my laptop at all for a whole week? Hm. Gotta configure this and fast.

    Hm… speaking about loneliness, as one say before, “Loneliness is always looking for a friend”, :hihi. But I know what is the meaning on being a complete isolated person–trying to be exist on a room which doors you keep sealed shut, I’ve been there before :haha.

    Guess I should head back finishing my issues first. Thanks for writing this!

    1. Hiatus a day confused you Gara. What happen if you were like me. Almost 4 months. But don’t force yourself if you don’t feel like writing.

      You can make schedule post for a week ahead if you want.

      Where’s the post from JJF?

      1. Still on progress… I am trying not to be suffered from mood swing by a little bit forcing myself to write it :hehe :peace. Yeah, I guess everyone has his/her down time sometimes :hehe.

  3. Aq belum posting, rek.. sedang kering ide kering bdw dan sakit hiks!

    Btw kopdar is a must! It’s fun to meet someone that we know on the net..

  4. “Never ever thinking that you were alone in this world. We are here for you, help you going through all troubles and push away your lonesomeness. That’s what friends are for. ” I love this quotation mas Ryan

  5. Kapan dong giliran saya meet up sama admins BEC yg kece2? *berima gini.. Hahaha. Semoga ada kesempatan dilain waktu yaaaa. And btw, thank you for colekannya mas Ryan! 😀

  6. Can’t agree more!
    I will say yes to KopDar, even though I barely have ever been to one. The meet-up will ensure us that the person whom we know in the virtual world is real. That will be great if virtual neighbors become real friends :).

    1. Off course Ami. It will be great for sure. Can’t wait to meet you in person also. Your spirit makes me curious. Hahaha

      Btw. Where’s the pharmacy thing?

      1. For real? My spirit is dried up fast, actually. I should re-charged it regularly :D. I would like to meet you, too 🙂
        So sorry that I could not come up with a new post last Monday. Perhaps next Monday you can find it

      2. Yes! I’ll wait for it Ami. Just make it simple so any common people like me can understand. Hihi *dikeplak*
        How do you recharged yourself?

      3. I’ll do my best! 🙂
        There are several ways to recharge myself, usually by contemplating, reading stories (be it fiction or true story), or watching inspirational program on TV.

  7. Wah baru tau maksud istilahnya itu. Kupikir kopi darat itu ngopi-ngopi sambil ngobrol alias nongkrong. Hahahaha… Waa sayang aku ga bisa dateng Meet up kemarin. Malamnya baru sampai rumah jam setengah 12 karena macet luar biasa T_T

    1. Wahhh. Sabtu. Macet parah ya.
      Sayang banget. Jd gak ketemu kita. Next ikutan yak.

      Dulu juga kepikirnya gitu. Makanya ada kopi2nya. Hahahaha.

  8. Yg namanya kopdaran mah selalu bikin bahagia…

    Dari tidak kenal, menjadi kenal, dan tak jarang menjadi sahabat bahkan saudara…
    The power of Blogging…

      1. Ya itu dengan kekuatan bulan akan merubahmu…berubaaaah hahaha

        Kapan ya..?? Kalau buat tiket mah ada nih, dapat jualan jajanan pasar..tp ijin kayanya rada susah turunnya.. lagian ngga enak ati gitu kalau pulang sendiri..

      2. Kalau sama kangmas mah berarti semua harus pulang dong…
        Naaaah dananya ini yg belum ada kalau semua pulang…minimal hrs punya 10 ribu euro buat ke Indonesia sekeluarga itu

  9. Ryan, the term copy darat comes from the early 80es. People were on air, they use 2 meter radio to communicate. One of the terma they used to let others know they understood them well was: I copy you, roger. So when people on the radio met in person, it was called as copy darat.

    I wish I could join BEC meet up one day and meet you all. That would be fun!

    1. Ah. That’s how the term came up. Thank you Mba Yo for the explanation. Copy on darat not on air. I see it now.

      I wish the same also Mba. Will be great to meet up with you Mba Yo.

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