things you need to do in life

3 Things You Need To Do In Life – If You Want Your Life Colorful

I had written about 3 things you need to know to start blogging last week for BEC’s challenge. Today, I want to share another 3 things. 3 things you need to do in life, if you want your life colorful. I learned much that life is about how we want it to be. If we want our life great, then we need to do something to get it. We can’t let it flow as it is.

3 Things You Need To Do In Life For A Better Life

Off course, these 3 things are my own opinion. I read them on some books – personal improvement books, which I forgot the name (all I can remember is 7 habits). These 3 things you need to do for a better life is actually something I’ve been trying to wrote in a long time.

things you need to do in life

#1. Live Your Life with Gratitude

Being grateful – my phone using “be grateful” as it’s background image. I found the image from Billy Boen’s twitter, one of my idols. He said, and I quote:

I totally agree on that. Let’s see. My own life has ups and downs, now and then. When I was in my deepest hole, I took my mind to things I already have. And it really helps. I mean, I have friends that care for me, family who love me, and many other things to be grateful for.

It was (and is) not easy to be grateful in every time we had troubles. But we can do it, if we are willing to look deep down inside. Let go the things that make you down, remember all those things that make your life colorful. Always, it brings hope into our hearts and energy to keep moving forward.

#2. Never – Ever Giving Up Dreams

So many people said that and many people stumbled in achieving their own dreams. They forced to go back to the point where you questioning your own dreams. That happened to me a lot. I dare myself to dream but then I did nothing to achieve it.

I stumbled upon things that pushed me into the ground – to reality that dreams aren’t meant to be. But then… when I did rethinking again, I remembered how everything seems to be okay when I do have dreams. Dreams are like my fuel to go on and on and on. They are the energy I need to make my life better.

Well, life will be suck some times, just some times. But when we do have dreams and making them reality,… ah. Really, life is great after all. Seeing people achieving their dreams in life is one of the biggest turn on for me, that is the reason I love reality shows like ANTM, Great Food Truck Race or Masterchef.

#3. Make As Many Friends As You Can

Don’t ever picking friends just from their races, their believes (religions) and many other aspects in their life. Those things are only attributes, not defining who they really are. Making as many as friends you can in life is actually making your life better and better.

Like I wrote above – grateful for the friends I have, friends and friendship are things that make your life more colorful. I am very grateful having many friends that are there for me, and hopefully, I can be there also when they need me also.

I wrote about how I went down and my friends help me to stand up on my own feet again. Really. You never knew, perhaps a person who you just met now, as ugly as they are now, you never knew who are they become in the future. So, go out and make those friends of yours now… as many as you can.

As this blog’s tagline – is actually my life’s tagline also. I hope I can be the person who share, who care and who enrich many others with my life. Remind me if I did none of that.

Many Other Things You Can Do in Life

Of course, there are many other things you can do in life to make your life better and better, not just those 3 I wrote above. And I believe you can mention many things other than these. But all those things are useless if we never act on them. Act on them and be the best you can. Be yourself – no matter what – is the greatest things to make your life better.


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