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3 Songs That Speak About My Situations

This week, Blog English Club asked for a song that… but I make this post about 3 songs instead of one. Hahaha, I hope it is okay. 3 songs that speaks about my situations I am about to write here are for different kind of situations I had been before. Well, actually, there were lots more than 3, but if I wrote everything down, it would be more than one post. 😀 I love listening to a music because it represent myself in some ways.

Songs That Speaks My Broken Heart

Yes, I was broken before. Been there done that. Was it good? Well, at that time, no. Because I was really devastated and broken inside out. I even stopped from writing at all because I felt really bad. I wasn’t able to control anything in my life. So if someone asked, had you in the lowest point of your life? I would say: “I had”. But on the other hand, during that time, I also found some real friends that stayed (and still) beside me. I remember an old quote saying: “A friend in sadness is a friend indeed” and I think I have found them.

Songs That Speaks My Love

Falling in love is the greatest gift that given to us, some say that. I believe that. And there is something special when you are in love with someone, right? You are willing to do many things that you don’t know capable doing it before. It is because the power of love. But no, I don’t want to share the Power of Love song here. I want to share a song that represent my condition. Love condition before – or perhaps, I should say: still. If you know the song, you will understand my situations with out me saying anything more.

Songs That Speaks My Hero

For this last song, is an old song from a movie. Chinese movie in 1988. The film itself was about a woman, poor one, fall in love with a rich young man, had a kid – not married each other. It was a really sad film. And the song itself is about a love to a mother. I wrote it before here as a mother’s day post. And I remembered all the things that my mother did for me, my sister and my brother. She is my hero. Last week, her younger sister came from China. She was so happy. But afterwards, she got ill. I think she was tired. Seeing here laying there on the bed was very hard for me.

The video above is not the official video for the song, but I love the pictures. I hope you can enjoy it also.

Okay, there they are. 3 Songs That Speak My Situations – Broken Heart, Falling in Love, And Love for my hero. Join us for the challenge here for more detail.



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