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[EF#14] Things I (We) Learn From A Cartoon Character

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Would you jump as high as you want or as the height of the box?
Would you jump as high as you want or as the height of the box?

My childhood was unlike average boy life. My family didn’t have any TV when I was a child. If I wanted to watch TV, I need to go to my neighbor (which also my auntie). I just watched everything they watch. Of course, I was a guess on their house, how can I ask something that I wanted? I remembered at that time there were only TVRI, RCTI and SCTV.

And the cartoons (on Sundays) were Doraemon, Ninja Hatori, Candy-Candy or argh… I forgot what the first 3D cartoon on TV was. O yes, those days, Doraemon was the king of Sundays for kids. Then when I was in elementary school, I was introduced to a comic book or manga by a friend of mine. The first manga I read was Kenji. It was an awesome manga about a Japanesse boy who want to learn Kung Fu.

At that time I was pretending that I was him, that until I knew Chinmi. Yes… Chinmi – the Kung Fu Boy. Well, actually Kung Fu Boy Manga published earlier than Kenji, but I read Kenji first instead. Ever since I read Chinmi – the Kung Fu Boy and continued with Chinmi – the Break Shot, where he became a master of billiard player with the famous Double Headed Snake shot, I really fell for him.

Recently, mid 2014, I found that there’s an apps on my phone for Kung Fu Boy by Dinh Linh. I installed it and yayy… I was able to read all chapter of the Kung Fu Boy again on my phone and it’s in Indonesian. Thank you so much for Dinh Linh who developed this. I remembered all my childhood memories regarding Chinmi.

Chinmi – The Chosen One

This is also another lesson from Chinmi. Do learn from nature.
This is also another lesson from Chinmi. Do learn from nature.

At first chapter, we will be introduced with The Old Man. He was representative from Dairin Temple that was on a mission to found the chosen one which has a mole in his forehead. He accidentally found Chinmi on his journey. Chinmi, the energetic orphan, was living with his only sister and a monkey. I forgot her name but remembered the monkey name, Go Kong. Chinmi’s journey was begun. Chinmi learn so many things along the way to Dairin, in Dairin and outside Dairin. The whole journey was written in 37 volumes (not include the New Kung Fu Boy which I didn’t like so much).

If I told you the whole journey of Chinmi here, there would be many pages to read here. Thus, I won’t tell you here about the journey. I would like to share things I learn from him, from his journey to become the real Chosen One.

Things Learn from Chinmi

Loving and caringThrough his entire journey, we can see that he loves his sister, his only family (aside Go Kong of course). For him, family is number one.And his caring sides of him, even though several times make him get into trouble, he wouldn’t care. Because he really is caring for others, especially those who are in trouble and need help.

If the world now has many people like him, who are willing to do anything for love and care, I am sure the world would be a better place to live for. Caring for others means respect other people around us, perhaps the easiest way to show it is by not throwing garbage anywhere we want.

Hard worker/determined/persistentFrom the first time, we are introduced thatChinmi is a hard worker. He helps his sister with most of the heavy works on the restaurant. And thenChinmi shows us also that to become great, we need to put our best effort. He always trains himself to be better and better each day or every time he met new “enemies”.It is sadden me when see most of the youngster nowadays (yes I am old) are thinking about how to get things instantly. They just want to sit down and taking any thing they want without do something to get it. Nothing is instant in this world – not even an instant noodle is that instant.
Eager to learnSince beginning of the story, we can see thatChinmi already has some Kung Fu quality inside him (otherwise he wouldn’t be the chosen one right?), but he is willing to learn anything new. He comes toDairin to learn more about Kung Fu. He is eager to learn some new things.This is also relating to the previous point, most of the people now tend to wait and wait and wait. They are used to be spoon-fed instead of looking for themselves. Learning is about willingness to do something, by your own – this is my opinion, just like Chinmi. Show the eagerness to learn by doing it. Not just waiting.
Never limit yourselfOne thing I remembered the most from this manga is the flee’s lesson from MasterSoshu. He teachesChinmi that if we limit ourselves, like theflea in a box, we will end up be the box.The ordinary flee can jump so high but if you put theflea into a box for a period of time, it can only jump as high as the box.

That is what happens to us if we limit ourselves. Our mind limited our ability to grow as much as we like it. Many people are actually doing this without their own knowledge, but hey, your mind is yours. You are the master of your mind. Control it and be aware of the box that you’ve created.

Find your own styleStill from the same episode, I remembered thatChinmi was facing Sie Fan, student of MasterSoshu. Sie Fan was great in stick battle andChinmi was asked to face him on a battle as he was the best student atDairin for a stick battle at that time.At the first battle he was lost. After thatChinmi was spying Sie Fan and do anything that Sie Fan did to be able to counterbalance Sie Fan. The second battle,Chinmi lost again.Then, his sifu, Riki said that if he only copy what Sie Fan did, he wouldn’t be able to compete. He needs to find his own style.

In life, we tend to copied anyone whom we admired. We are trying to be like them, but the truth is that we can’t copy them. We need to be ourselves to be excel. Take any good things you find on them and let it a part of yourself but do not copy paste everything – you need to BE YOURSELF.

Sacrifice yourself – let your ego downMany in battles that written in this manga showed thatChinmi was sacrificing himself to protect his love ones. His sister, his lover, his student atDairin, etc.For me, this is a truly great learning. We ought to be able to let go our ego if we want to do something. Yes, you don’t need to sacrifice yourself for others just like that. But sometimes, in some situations, we need to think about others would be affected by our choices. Don’t be selfish.

Hey, this doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice yourself every now and then.

Never give upOn each battle, we can see thatChinmi will fight till the end. He would never give up, not even if he had to sacrifice his own life. He learns it from Sie Fan. During his stake out of Sie Fan one night, they were surrounded by pack of wolves.Chinmi already exhausted and his stick was broke into two, so did Sie Fan but Sie Fan kept fighting until the end.One of the life values is never giving up, no matter what. Many obstacles will come on your way when you do something, believe me, they will. But at the end, the strongest is those who survive and never giving up. As a song would say – what doesn’t kill you, make you stronger, this is the truth. By giving up, you will be going nowhere. Would you like that? If not, never ever giving up on things you want, but that doesn’t mean you are allowed to do anything to make it come true

Those are some of the things I or we can learn together from Chinmi – Kung Fu Boy manga. I believe there are many other lessons that we can learn in this manga for this life of ours. I only share several there, but don’t mind if you want to share yours also as addition.

The truth is we can learn so much about life from books we read, movies we watched, songs we heard. The question is would you open your mind and eager to learn it or not. As I was mentioned on my previous post, learning is coming from you. Anyone can help you to learn, but if you are not willing to do something (reading, searching, make some notes, practicing, etc), it would be a waste of time.

This post is submitted for BEC’s weekly challenge called English Friday Number 14 – Your Favorite Cartoon Character. I am so sorry if my post is quite off the track, but hell yeah, Chinmi is my favorite character – well one of many. 😀

Febriyan Writing about life and anything that happen in life is one of my to do things. That's the reason blog Blog Review, Tips & Inspirasi by Febriyan Lukito born. Now I also admins for: Tempat Nongkrong Seru Pikiran Random Tulisan Blogger Indonesia

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  1. Speechless. Nice review Mr. Ryan 😀 there are many things that we could learn from our favorite cartoon character

    1. Thank you Anie. Btw is it okay I’m calling you Anie?
      We can learn so much, including from Patrick from spongebob. The creator puts so much character inside them for us to learn. Imho.

      1. Of course, never mind Mr. Ryan. Anie is okay. Yup, I agree with that, thank you for reading my post 😀

  2. It looks like this post is quite a summary for the whole series, Mas :hehe :peace. So complete and this post emphasizes (betul tidak sih tulisannya begitu) important points from the manga. So sorry that I could manage to read it by now :haha.
    About Chinmi… I only read one volume of it, and I couldn’t stand it. Too much violence… :huhu.

    1. Hahahaha. Too much violence? You should read or watch Kill Bill then. Or Rumah Dara. Haha.

      Yes it is the summary. Well at least some that I can remember.

      1. No, thank you! Reading your review about that Macabre movie already made me chilled–I can’t imagine if I have to watch it myself :haha. I prefer the safe and convenient one :hoho.

      2. I have watched The Raid. The Raid 2, in fact. On its premiere night. But I couldn’t stand watching it–its violence is too cruel, how can they broke others’ bones in front of my eyes? So I covered my eyes with hoodie for the entire movie.

      3. Hahahaha. Really Gara??? That was one badass movie. I think you were imagining those things happen to you, am I right?

  3. Sudah cek tokopedia belum?
    *salah fokus 😀

    Iya ini mah, panjaaang, sampai djabarin gt poin2nya 😀
    Dulu kayaknya pernah baca juga sih tapi dikit dan sekarang udah lupa, eh,, ada mas ryan yg ngingetin, hehhehe 🙂

      1. Hehehehe, crop dulu laah lain kalii, eyecatching banget soalnya, komiknya BW, eh ada list ijo dbawahnya 😀

        gpp mas, hebat tapi, bisa smpe dipikirin learning pointnya 🙂

        Sip, sip, nice post !

  4. Adikku juga koleksi aneka Manga.., terus sekarang anak2 juga pilihnya Conan…, tapinya akh belum niat ikutan baca
    Ryan, segitu detailnya bisa ngambil poin2 penting dari manga

    1. Hi Fee. Where have you been? Actually I’m not a die hard fan. Hehe. This because I was re-read it two weeks ago.

  5. Wow, awesome! You are right, we can learn from anyone or anything, as long as we have a strong will to learn. I learned a lot from this post, thank you :).

  6. I didn’t read the detail of each lesson Yan. Hahaha. But I get the point! I love reading Chinmi as well but I didn’t pick him as my character of choosing. He was just too perfect to me. Hihihi.

      1. No, I was just curious about thw point and by thw time I reach the end I was too lazy to scroll up. Haha. *ditoyor

    1. Kerennya komik ini Nad, Maekawa sensei bisa menggambarkan gerakan kungfunya dengan sangat hidup. Riset anatominya juara banget

      1. Panjang tapi bagus ndak bosenin gitu.. Teteh pengen nulis panjang, tp takut kepanjangan dan mbosenin hehe

        Duluuu sukanya baca Tintin sama komik si Buta dari Goa Hantu hihi

      2. Si Buta. Sama monyetnya yak. Lupa aku namanya teh. Hehehe.
        Tintin. Gaya rambutku dong. Hihihi.

        Kenapa takut teh. Aku blm bw lagi nih teh. Maaf.

      3. Soalnya khan belum pinter nulis mas Ryan…jadi ntar malahan bosenin yg baca gitu..pendek2 saja belum bagus nulisnya huhuhu

        Ngga dimaafkaaaaan…!!! *pake tanda seru*

  7. Wah dari karakter komik ternyata banyak karakter yang bisa dipelajari ya =)) Aku dulu bacanya Nobita, kayaknya ga ada sifat bagus2nya sama sekali, kecuali di seri petualangan yang kadang jadi pemberani & setia kawan hahahaha
    Baca Sailormoon juga tokohnya dodol banget :p

    1. Hahaha. Nobita. Kadang dia suka bener kok. Hahaha. Sailormoon juga gak nyerah. Terus persahabatan di Doraemon n Sailormoon juga bagus

  8. mirip… keluarga saya juga dulu nggak punya tv, dan harus ke tetangga kalau mau nonton

    kalau tokoh yang ada di komik sepertinya saya nggak punya yang spesial… tapi kalau di film kartunnya..

  9. kung fu boy favorit aku nih.. suka bgt sm komik kungfuboy selain doraemon hehe.. btw.. om om kok pinter banget sih nulis nih.. hahahahahaha.. #mendadaksokanakkecil hahahaha..

  10. aaaaaahhhh….
    chinmi, three kingdom, conan, candy candy…
    gila komik jugaaaaaa ternyata…

    Jadi ingat, dulu aku selalu dapat kiriman berkarton2 buku bekas dari saudara2 (yang udah duluan gede) yang kaya di jakarta. Mulai dari cerita bergambar Nina, komik2 lima sekawan, trio detektif, bundel2 majalah Kuncung, Kawanku, Ananda.

    Lalu karena aku setiap hari main ke Vihara aku dapat buku2 serial Ramayana, Khrisna, Gautama, dll…

    Waktu SD aku sampe buka perpustaan di desa lho.. dan mengajak teman2ku pada delosoran di rumah buat baca… sampai sekarang bukunya masih ada tuh di rumah nenek.

    Cintaku pada buku dimulai saat masih unyu 😀

    1. Wahhh. Keren Mbak Ie. Sampai bikin perpustakaan gitu. Pengen. Hehehe.
      Skrg lagi kumpul buku lg mau buka perpus online. Mdh2an bisa.

      1. Semua bisa akses via web. Tapi itu nantinya. Karena butuh cari banyak ebook. Utk skrg lbh mskin katalog yang aku punya online. Yang mau pinjam bs dg jd member dan ongkir.

      2. O… 😀
        wah.. aku masih jarang baca e-book, masih lebih senang membaui kertas baru hi hi hi..
        besok kalo dah jadi kabari ya mas.. 😀

  11. Aku terinspirasi sama kartun Born To Cook duluuu.. Dari situ deh semangat belajar masak. Ya meskipun masaknya gini2 aja gitu 😛

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