Strive for Recognition

Don’t worry when you are not recognized, but strive to be worthy of recognition ~ Abraham Lincoln

I got that quote above from FinestQuotes through my email. Yes. I really love reading quotes. And subscribing web like this one or AllFamousQuotes is one way for me to read it constantly. Not all quotes are suitable in present condition, especially my own condition. But there are times where the quotes hit me right in here (Indonesian way: sakitnya tuh di sini -jleb maknyes). For example is the quote above.

Why is that quote hit me? 

Because, I am also looking for some recognition in what I am doing in life. And I believe I am not alone in this. We are at least looking for that “Thank You”, “You are so good at it”, etc, etc. Yes. That’s human. It is already in our nature to have some recognition of what we do in life (and reject any criticism), so be human please. Eits… Wait a minute.

It is true we are looking for recognition but it wouldn’t be given just like that. You have to earn it. Remember that. Earn what recognition you wantSadly, though, many think that they are should be recognized just by doing a thing or two, or even not doing anything.

Do you know Helen Keller? She’s a famous American author back then. She’s recognized for what she had done in her life. Do you know why? She was blind but that didn’t stop her to do more and more. The first time I read about her was in Topeng Kaca Manga Series. And I felt in love with HK instantly. I looked for more information about her online and she amazed me more and more.

Image courtesy of BrainyQuote
Image courtesy of BrainyQuote

She was persistent in doing what she want. She didn’t give up to her physical conditions that limit her sight. She kept going with all her spirit to be better. Can you imagine being blind around the year 1880 or early 1900? She was born in 1880 with an illness that made her blind and also deaf. When her teacher came to her house, she was described as wild young woman but look how she remembered now. Can you imagine her attitude to strive more and more (with her teacher also) and ended up recognized by all over the world as an inspiring woman

That is the spirit that I rarely seen nowadays. I don’t know whether that’s only me or not. Many looks for that recognition just by being them – doing nothing to achieve some things worth enough to be recognized. I know many also doing things that are worth for some recognition but there are groups of people who feel and do the opposite and still wanting to be recognized. 

For example, in my mind, is if you are in love in writings, just write. Spread your writings. Even if now, no one read it, eventually, if you do it frequently, some one will notice and it would ended up recognize. Just like what a blogger friend said: “Blog what you love and love what you blog”, by doing this, he is recognized as one of influenced blogger (at least in my eyes, he is). 

Things I learnt about recognition (and how to be recognized by others) are: 

1. Do it with love

Yes… this is the first secret to be recognized by other. Do things with your love. Let your love be your energy and you will find that your battery wouldn’t dried up easily. You will have more and more things to write, to do, to share. And like I said before, even if they didn’t recognize you at the beginning, just do it. Because you do it with your love and for your love to the world.

2. Do it to helps others

Image is courtesy of Ryanphotoworks
Image is courtesy of Ryanphotoworks

Do it for others. Come on, we are not living in this world on our own right? There are many people around you. Do things that can help others. Help them grow together with you. With your love to the world as I mentioned in point number 1 above, you can help other to be better, to strive their best. By doing things to help others, you can find another source of energy. Your battery will keep going on and on and on.

3. Never giving up

I know that life isn’t easy. Life is difficult. There will be bumping along the road, like my friend wrote on his travelling business trip. You will see those bumpy road ahead, but the question is would you keep going on or stop? Never ever giving up. That’s for sure. Learn from all those problems we are facing in this life and keep going on doing the things you love that help others.

4. Repeat 123 

Just remember to repeat those 3 points above, every time you feel like giving up.

So, do you want to be recognized but not doing anything to get it?


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