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Short Post: A Question – Does It Matter?

Few days ago, I posted on my path about ranks – many people focusing on ranks. Either that is about their children’s ranks at school or ranks for bloggers. Yes, this is the question for bloggers actually. I remember when I was a kid.

My mother and (late) father compared me to my friends, especially my father. He loved to see me “angry” because I was compared to the others. I always took top 5 grade since my elementary but still he always said that A performed better than me or B got bigger points than myself.

I was really sad and kind of angry. I felt that all my efforts was meaningless. But that was then. Now? I am glad that he did that. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be who I am now. Right?

Okay back to topic.

Doess It Matter – A Question for bloggers?

Yes, I am curious. Really curious now. Does it really matter for you, as bloggers – Indonesian Bloggers? All those ranks by Alexa – Alexa Ranks. Or Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) by Moz.

Yes, I know, when we talked about Job Review from brands or agencies, they need those ranks.

But personally, do you feel you really need it? Is it really matter for you? So you need to focus on those ranks rather than your own blog.

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Or perhaps they are not matter at all…

I know every bloggers would have their own thinking about those ranks.

Probably, some don’t care about those ranks, but some really care about them.

Quantifying Things That You Can

What I see is that we, human – either you are bloggers or not, always quantifying things that you can. And those ranks are one way to quantifying the quality of a blogger. But is it really defining the quality of a blogger? Or are there any other thing to measure?

Instead of looking for another methods to quantifying the quality – we, well at least I am, finally looking at the ranks as the basic. It is not wrong, imho. But when those ranks becoming the focus on your blogging activities, then we need to do something.

ranks for blogger
Ranks for bloggers – are they really matter?

Why don’t we focus on creating content that matter?


Well, there are many ranks that we can use as a blogger, such as Alexa, DA PA, Traffic – such as Pageviews, Unique Visitors, and the old one Pagerank, etc. But is it matter the most for us as bloggers? Do we need to focus on those ranks and focusing on them? Share your thought on the comment below.


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