how to managing your online presence

3 Things You Need To Know About Managing Your Online Presence

As a blogger, the last challenge from Blog English Club is a must join one, it is about how to managing your online presence. Being a blogger, I know that my data will be on the web – forever, especially when I choose to use my own name as a domain.

I am (still) afraid that every time people looking up my name on search engine, this blog is the number one appeared. My online presence is definitely already out there, whether using this blog, my Facebook, instagram, twitter and many other social media I used.

How To Managing Your Online Presence

Regarding this week challenge theme, I want to share some ways I used in managing the online presence that I used usually. Perhaps this is not the best way, but it is good for me, for you? Well, you need to know how to managing your online presence yourself.

how to managing your online presence
How To Managing Your Online Presence is your own choice

1. Blog is the Main Presence

I do focus on blog rather than the other online presence medium existing. Why? Because I fall in love with blogging. I didn’t realize before about this big LOVE inside of me for blog up to recently. Like what Dani said about blog, I also believe that blog is the best medium for me to share what I love to many people.

By blogging, I can share deeper thoughts about things that happen around me, things that I care, things that others’ care about. It helps you in a way to pour your heart out through writings.

And, in particular, I fall in love with WordPress – I usually  recommend this Content Management System (CMS) to other bloggers.

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2. Sharing the Positivism Not Hate

Lately, I read many e-hate in my Social Media like Facebook and Twitter, even sent through my whatsapp. I mean, I don’t really like reading those kind of posts. I mean, in terms of blogging, I know that this kind of sharing is actually the best way to boost your traffic. But then…. what do you get?

People will remember you as a person who love to spread those kind of things. Even if you are not the one who wrote, you have to be careful for what you re-shared. I once stumbled upon a video about sharing posting, it said:

Remember this when you share things: 1. is it useful, 2. is it need to know things? 3. is it do any good for readers

And if any of those questions answered NO, why should you share it? Yes, perhaps you will get people noticing you, but have you ever thought about the future. What if, when you applied for a job in the future and the recruiters see that… it could be the reason you don’t get the job.

3. Keep Some Private, Private!

We really do need be careful in sharing things in our life. Not all people is having a good intention, and sharing things that should be private online, could be harmful. Crimes like shown in CSI Cyber are real and exist in this world. Imagine if we share our home address and shown all of our activities throughout our social media.

Would it be not possible if someone watching us? And when the time is right, he/she could come to our house and take away everything we have there. There are so many online crime nowadays, from the simplest one like, taking your email and using it for sending as if yourself to taking your credit card data.

Online Presence is Two Side of Coins

In the end, I can say that in some aspect, having a good online presence will do boost ourselves and make us EXIST but in the other side, it also has some bad side. We have to be careful in managing our online presence, we (at least myself) don’t want what is there on-line make ourselves bad, seems unprofessional and etc.

And in managing our online presence, sometime we need to pay some to get some. For instance, for this blog, I did invest more in premium theme that boost up my online presence as a blogger, but I am not one of those who would buy followers for this kind of things. How to managing your online presence is in your own hand, which one you want to do.

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And if you are already share many things and feel that you need to do some cleaning up, you can read this article from lifehacker how to do it. Or perhaps you want to read more about how to managing your online presence, you can also read this one as reference.


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