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We All Have Options When Hit Rock Bottom! Let’s Learn from Lenox Tillman (ANTM 21) – Get Up and Be Better

Photo of the week - Lenox.
Photo of the week – Lenox – The Girl Who Got Five Frames. Source: www.bustle.com

I am not a (very) loyal viewer of this reality series, to be honest. I was just watched it randomly, whenever i was bored with other shows.

So, last week, I saw this show – episode where the models were paired up for Black Widow ads.

And Lenox Tillman was the last one and should be eliminated. But she was lucky. Because one of the guys was kicked off due to fight he was started.

So, in the next episode, she only got five frames, instead of 20 – 30 frames for others.

And this is not easy. I mean… you have to be sure that you really nailed it. And when she did the shot, the first three was not okay. Why? Because she was mentally scared and not believing herself.

Then she walked out for a moment. Cried. And the style consultant, Yu Tsai, talked to her, she told him that she was afraid to be vulnerable in front of everyone. That’s why she always tried to be so though, no cries, etc.

It Is Okay To Be Vulnerable

Yu Tsai said that it is okay to cry. Crying is not a sign for weakness.

Once in a while, we are all need to cry out loud and let go all the problems we have.

After that…

Stand up high and be better.

And… that what Lenox did. She cried, and after that, she got the shot. The best photo for the week. She also won the challenge for the week as a team leader – because she was the bottom three on the previous week.

Okay… I don’t want to talk about the series, you can browse and watch it yourself if you want. But what I want to say is what we can learn from that episode.

Allow Ourselves to Cry Once a While – Then Get Up and Be Better

We are all been there, I am sure, the time where we are so downBelieve me, no matter who you are, there will be time when we feel so down. To the place where you hit rock bottom, just like what Lenox’s feel. Don’t believe me? Ask everyone you know.

The real question is not about the bottom hit. But… what we did afterwards.

When you hit rock-bottom, you have two choice. One is to let it hit you more and you will be more rock-bottomed. The other one is to get up and BE BETTER. 

Lenox made her choice. She got up and nailed it…. From the bottom, she become the first (and turns up she was become the first for the next three weeks also… and the highest average point for the season up till today).

Remember When…

We hit rock-bottom, all things around us seems to be so bad. All people around us considered to held us down.

Seems that we are the victims and all people, conditions around us are conspiring against us.

As if they are happy seeing us to be in rock-bottom conditions. Right?

Actually, they are not doing that. It’s just your mind tricking you. That’s the truth.

They are actually want to help you. However, due to the conditions you’re having at that time, your mind tricked you in a way made you think that way.

You know what? Who actually can help you is yourself.

Anyone around you can say anything to cheer you up, with hope you will be get up, move on and going forward. But hey…. all those are nonsense.

Nonsense if you don’t ‘allowed’ yourself to get up. Any songs can cheer you up. Any books can make you smile and feel good. Any hugs can make you warm. But… if you still want to be recognized as victim, then it all useless.

Just like what Lenox experienced. Yu Tsai can say something like that and still she would be down if she don’t believe herself. But no. She listened and did what Yu Tsai told her. She got up and being better.

So… What would you do if you hit rock-bottomed? Laying there or get up and…. 

Cry Sometimes…

Another thing we can learn from this episode is also what Yu Tsai said. It’s okay to cry. It’s not a sign of weakness.  So, when you feel like to cry, just do it.

Cry as long as you want, as much as you want. Put all the things that burdened you inside along with those tears. After that, just let goIt feels great you know, to cry. Let go things that burdened.

time to let go - just get up and keep moving forward and be better
Source: www.liveluvcreate.com

Well, for some, to letting go is by shouting and release the anger. Maybe also by talking to someone. Anything you can do and try to let go all burden inside.

One of the best way also is by praying to HIM.

Everyone has those times. The darkest time that we need to pass-by so we can moving on, going forward and be better. Although, each person will have different approach to handle this, different timing also to letting go. Different way to get up and being better also.


Finally, there is one thing that we all need to remember. That for everything that happened in our life, good or bad. Lifted you up or drowned you bad. Make you hit rock-bottom or fly up to the sky. Remember this: “These too shall pass”

get up and be better
this-too-shall-pass – one of mantras that help us to get up


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