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#EF4 – I Want It All

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#EF4 - I Want It All 1

This sort of thing is good
I wish I could do it
That sort of dream, this sort of dream, I have many of them but

All of them, all of them, all of them
He grants my dreams
He grants my dreams with a mysterious pocket
I want to fly freely in the sky

Above is a song lyric of Doraemon cartoon. Okay… I know it’s seems so different from what we use to listened. But, that’s what I got from Google (you can read it here). That song is playing in my mind, still, when I wrote this post. I mean, who doesn’t know Doraemon and its opening song?

Doraemon cartoon is one of many cartoons that I watched when I was a kid. And it is one of my favorites because Doraemon has so many tools that made my jaw drop and drool for wanting all those tools. The first tool, of course, is Doraemon-Episode-26-English-Dubbedthe “Bamboo Propeller”. Owh… I wished I had that so I can fly anywhere I want, no need to apply any Visa and no passport required. LoL.

Other tools that made me droll a lot are the “Magic Door” and “Magic Ring”. The concept of those tools are simple. They can take you anywhere you want. So I can go anywhere at any time. If I was late waking up, I just need to think about my office and BAMMM. When I open the door, I will be at my office.

Yes. Those things made me drooling continuously. Well, actually all Doraemon’s tool make me drooling uncontrollably. I want them all. But now, I have to choose one only for the challenge. So, do you know what I choose? The tool that I really want from Doraemon? None other than… “tool to create rooms”. I don’t remember the tool name, but I remembered one of the comics telling this tool.

One day, Nobita was upset because his mom always nagging him to do homework. He can’t do what he love to do, sleeping. Then, turns out that Suneo, Giant, Sizuka also had the same problem with their parents. They asked Doraemon for help. And Doraemon gave this tool, which can create a room, an underground room. So, they created rooms for themselves, each had one room.

Why do I want this tool now? Because, I feel that Indonesia, Jakarta in particular, is facing a shortage of land to developed. Yes, we are in this crisis. See how expensive those houses, apartments, lands in Jakarta. Wow… It is sky-rocketed for the past years.

Thus, if I have this tool, I will use it to create underground rooms for everyone. Especially for those who don’t have any place to live now. At least, everyone will have a shelter to keep them warm or protect them from rain. And of course, I want a room for myself, where I can decor it however I like.


This post is for English Friday Challenge from BEC. Week 4 everyone…. Yay. The idea of this challenge was from Joice. She said what if we do INVENTION. Well, we, Admins, thought that after the stressful challenge (EF#3), we want to make a fun challenge. So, what is a better one than Doraemon to show that invention is fun.

By the way, I want to confess here, while we are talking about cartoon. I like cartoon very much, including Sailormoon and Glass Mask. And actually, the first manga I read was Popcorn – a ladies manga.

NB: for all BEC’s members and EF’s participant, don’t forget to submit your post’s link. And please click on the Rule Page for more information about this challenge.

Febriyan Writing about life and anything that happen in life is one of my to do things. That's the reason blog Blog Review, Tips & Inspirasi by Febriyan Lukito born. Now I also admins for: Tempat Nongkrong Seru Pikiran Random Tulisan Blogger Indonesia

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90 Replies to “#EF4 – I Want It All”

  1. Tapi serem jg ah kalo rumahnya di bawah tanah gitu, takut tetangganya cacing semua 😀

    Trus udah gitu tar gak bisa liat cahaya matahari…tar setiap saat musti pake lampu, jadi boros energi dong 😛

    1. Soal cacing… kita pelur kok mba. hehehe. nah soal matahari itu… *bentar ya mba… saya minta alatnya Doraemon lagi….

  2. keren yah… rumahnya di bawah tanah. tapi kalau di jakarta cocok nggak yah? soalnya yang di bangun di atas tanah aja kebanjiran, mas 😀

  3. Emang krezihhhh tanah di jakarta..tinggal dipinggiran aja blom tentu bisa beli tanah or rumah. Hsrga naek tiap hari senin. Hahahaha

    Pesen atu ya bang, rumah undergroundnya. Tetanggan juga boleh kok. Hahaha

    1. Siap Jo…. *jitak Jo gara2 manggil bang – lagi agak sensi gara2 Dani manggil gw mas padahal tahun lahir sama*

      Iya… ini juga tinggal di pinggiran… wew… untungnya dulu “dipaksa” sama kakak2 dan mama untuk beli. Kalau gak. Gak kebayang gimana deh Jo.

      1. Hahahaha *biar gue berasa muda*

        Embyerrrr gue dan suami pun babak belur utk bisa beli rumah. Maksaaaa semaksa2nya. Krna makin ditunda makin gila harganya.

      2. Gw pernah main di SMS. Ngobrol sama engko2 yang punya warung di foodcourtnya. Dia cerita soal beli rumah di sana. Dalam waktu 1 tahun, harga rumah dia naik 200%. Gila… gak kebayang banget.

        Eh tapi rumah gw naiknya kayak siput. hahahaha. dah sekian lama bahkan 50% aja gak. 😛

  4. Aaaw. What a noble cause Ryan.. If I were you I will rent the rooms with some margin but interesting enough for the office workers to resist. Wkwkwkwkw.

      1. Tapi kalau gw seperti itu, apa bedanya gw sama para kapitalis yang meraup untung besar, tanpa peduli nasib orang lain dong Dan *sok idealis*

  5. It’s okay if we guys read shojo manga, as long as we found its’ stories are good. My favorite manga is also a shojo one :haha
    Jakarta’s underground is full with old tunnels. Maybe if you’ve found a way to make rooms underground, can I borrow that tool, to discover these old tunnels? :hihi

    1. Hahaha. You read it also Gara? Which one is your favorite?
      Yes… that is also another intention of mine. I want to look the tunnel around Kota Tua. hahaha. Maybe I can find some treasure, like written in Tasaro’s book.

    1. Yes Ira. You are correct. Still waiting the final chapter. But I don’t think there will be one. The writer is already passed away, right?

    1. LDM? Long Distance Married ya Mba? Wah berapa jauh nih.
      Gak usah pintu ajaib mba. Cincin ke mana saja. Di set ke tempat misua. Gimana?

    1. Thank you Nad.
      It’s one of my dreams. But need lot of money to make it true. I mean… my heart always saddened when I saw those homeless people. What can I do to help, that’s what always on my mind.

      1. Ya, mas, especially when I watch tv program like orang pinggiran, and so on. I always feel sad, not because their lackness, but because I can’t do anything to make them feel better.

      2. Yes Nad, but I don’t watch those kind of program, coz I feel that TV program nowadays is “LEBAY”. They “utilized” those people to increase the viewer.
        I remembered the second challenge, Egi (if I’m not mistaken) said one of her dreams is to build a school for the homeless kids. I really want to join that.

      3. Well, yes, sadly it could be used by the media. I also don’t like that program, but sometimes I can’t help to watch when my assisstant watch it haha.
        Really? that’s great. All i know so far is Yayasan Pemimpin Anak Bangsa (YPAB) by Andri Rizki, ever heard about that?

    1. Are you sure De? Am I Suneo?
      Banyak yang manggil aku itu Doraemon (panggilan di kantor sebelum ini Dora – antara Dora the explorer atau doraemon sih LoL) atau Giant karna badan gede suara jelek. hahahaha.

      Btw… Jakarta already?

    1. Iya mba Tane. Sekarang lahan dah mulai dikit. Harganya jadi naik. Harga properti meningkat terus. Makin banyak juga homeless di Jakarta.

      Yep. It is a very useful tool Mba. Is it possible to make it real though, that’s the real question. LoL

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