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Tips & Trick – How to avoid pickpocket in public transport in Jakarta

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This is an English version from my previous post – Tips & Trick Menghindari Copet di Angkot

Jakarta is one of the cities in Indonesia that become a place where people come and expect to get some living there. They come from their hometown, full of hopes that they can be success in Jakarta. Some of them come after Lebaran holiday, along with their relatives or friends. City of dream – most of the people called Jakarta.

But, as many metropole cities around the world, Jakarta also has something to offer other than the glamour look. And this other side, sometime makes those who just came to Jakarta (with all high hopes), shocked. Many of them are targeted by the crook in Jakarta, such as the pickpocket. Many were becoming victim of robbery at bus terminal or railway station, as soon as they set their foot on. And some – claimed Jakarta people – will say or even sing an old famous song: “Siapa suruh datang Jakarta *)

Yesterday, one of my facebook friends posted that he almost lost his handphone. He was on public transportation, here in Jakarta, and somebody was trying to take out his phone from his pocket. Fortunately, he was aware of it and made the pickpocket cancel his act. Public transportation in Jakarta, such as Kopaja, Metromini, Bus, even now Transjakarta – busway or Comuterline, always be the places for those pickpocket do their acts. Why? Because most of the transportation I mentioned is so crowded, they took advantage on the situation.

I’m not saying that I’m an expert in public transportation, but based on my experience (which up to this date, already lost about 10 handphone since highschool); I want to share things you need to do to prevent the pickpocket in public transport in Jakarta.

  1. Always bring bag – so you can put your precious items, such as handphone, tablet phone, smartphone, wallet, etc. but… remember:
  2. Be carefull about the bag. The safest is put your bag in front when you’re taking public transport. Hug your bag as if it’s your precious life (LoL). Cover all places that might be pickpocketed by other. And be aware also for….
  3. Bottom of the bag. There are some pickpockets that using razor. They will cut the bottom of your bag so your belongings will drop and they can take them. They usually try to approach you, as if your friends, but their hands are reaching your bag.
  4. Don’t use your phone in public transport (unless it is very urgent), especially if you see that there are lots of scary faces (eventhough not all scary faced people is bad men). Using your phone or any other smartphone type is only luring the crime. One of the famous quote from TV series in Indonesia (Bang Napi) is crime happened because there is an opportunity to do it.
  5. Put your phone in your pocket? Its okay, but you have to be careful. My brother had an experience before. He put the phone in his shirt pocket. And when he wanted to get out of the Metromini, it was taken by someone. In your pants? Sure. Some will pretend having sickness. He put his hands on your leg and shake it until your phone is out from your pants pocket also.
  6. If you are wearing jacket and have the inside pocket, put your belongings there.
  7. If you don’t bring bag, put your wallet in your front pocket (mostly for men). Always be aware of any gestures around you.
  8. Beware of group of man around. Although sometime they split the group into two (front and back door), the pickpocket usally acts in group. If you see a group that suspicious, get away from them.
  9. If at the end, you become the victim of pickpocket, and someone is shouting and pointing someone who left as the thief, watch for that person also. Usually he/she is part of the pickpocket. And usually, your belongings already with that person.
  10. You want to step out from the transportation you used. But then, some people just standing in front of you. Like holding you back from stepping out. Just ask that… (in bigger voice) “I want to get out…. Move!!!” because usually that is their trick to pickpocket you. The man in front of you and the man behind you (that pushing you to step out), are group of pickpocket. This trick was happened to me. They almost opened my bag, I just shout… took any attention from others and most of all from the driver and assistant. At least they know, and sometime they help us.
  11. Beware for those who dressed up well. Even if they are using office shirt, you have to be aware. Some of the pickpocket dress up well, pretend going to office and then when you are not realizing, they pickpocketed you already.
  12. Prepare the fare in pocket that not used to put your belongings.

Those are some tips from me. If you have your own, don’t hesitate to comment.

The point is when we are in public transportation, and this is not only in Jakarta, we have to be careful with what we have. Don’t show our ‘precious’ things just like that. It’s only attracting pickpocket. Don’t trust people easily. Some of them will use their ability to act, like those Hollywood actors. Be AWARE. This is the main thing need to do.

*) This was sung by Koes Ploes – a famous band in late 80’s


Febriyan Writing about life and anything that happen in life is one of my to do things. That's the reason blog Blog Review, Tips & Inspirasi by Febriyan Lukito born. Now I also admins for: Tempat Nongkrong Seru Pikiran Random Tulisan Blogger Indonesia

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  1. nice tips to stay safe in jakarta. In my case, not using kopaja, or metromini is one of thing that make me safe from pickpocket. Using transjakarta, taksi or private vehicle would be lot safer 🙂

      1. Agree. I had a very bad experience last month in TransJakarta. Someone was about to pickpocket my phone but luckily, I could feel it and grabbed my phone. I was afraid to do more like yelling or something because I was sandwiched by some men who I thought their friends. Since then, TransJakarta is not really my thing…

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