“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.”

By Buddha 

I found that quote here, one of my favorite blogs. The writing is very good, inspiring. Not because it concern about Buddhist, but actually it also about life in general, we can learn so much from that blog.

Ok… I’m not going to talk about the blog, but the quote there.


Who doesn’t have past? Everyone does.

Whether it is a good one or bad one, that’s the different between each of us, one another. And another difference between each of us is how we react on it. 

Some take it in a good way, some in a bad way.

Good way in terms that they took it as an experience that will help them grow, to be the better one. Bad way in terms that they took it really hard, and in the end, they all caught up in the past.

“Why didn’t i do this way? If i did, i might…”

“What if i choose those, maybe…”

“I shouldn’t do that, otherwise…”

Many of us, either we realize it or not, dwell in the past. Caught in the web of past… And end up with… NO MOVING FORWARD.

Yes… how can we moving forward if we just thinking about “WHAT IF” – some are just not meant to be yours, just let go, learnt from it and then moving forward. What if just gonna hold you back… you can’t change just by thinking what if.

What you can do is… learn from it and prepare for NOW and FUTURE. 

So… what do you think?


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