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A.R.K Daily

Who’s ever watch the ‘Evan Almighty’? It’s a funny movie. Truly is. But one thing I always remember is that Evan has been told to build an ark by God. ARK to keep the people and some animals alive when floods coming in.

I’m not going to talk about how to build an actual ark cause I’m not a carpenter that knows how to choose the right wood and other. But I want to talk about ARK that stands for Act of Random Kindness.

Building an ARK in your life not only save your life but also to make the world more beautiful to living in.

Let’s build an ARK in our daily life. Not for our safety but to share to others what we can, what we have. We are so blessed because we have more than some others.

Don’t just looking up but look down and see how lucky we are. We’re often closed our eyes and saying I don’t have this, don’t have that. But actually… There’s so much we have in our life. That others don’t have.

Share the smile of love and share it to others in one simple ARK. Simple and easy. You may think that one simple ARK is not enough… U can do more. So do more.. Do it with love and as your capability.

One simple ARK a day.. Make it daily and routine act, I believe means more than one great act of a lifetime. Make this ARK one of your resolution. Make this ARK as one of your habit.

Let’s share and build our ARK starting today.

Like a song… Spread the wing and fly away… Let’s fly and spread the love.

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