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You Shall Find

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Ok… I admit that I was in a rush reading the Supernova – Ksatria, Putri dan Bintang Jatuh (Supernova – Knight, Princess and Fallen Star) because of the film is coming (i started reading it in October). And yes… now the movie is already playing in movie theater (during the time i’m writing this post, i haven’t watch it – so this is not a movie review). It’s very late right.. I mean the book itself already published in 2001.

After finished with the first book, i continued with the second then the third. And now i’m still reading the fourth one – Partikel, which almost finish also. But I don’t own the book. It’s my friend’s. So … no. This is not a book review also. I only want to take one sentence that Dee (Dewi Lestari) in Akar.

Akar - Berhenti Mencari
Akar – Berhenti Mencari

Berhentilah mencari maka kamu akan menemukan.

It was said by Kell, one cool guy that changed Bodhi (the main character in Akar) when he was asked by Kell to think about the tattoo he wants.

Bodhi, at that time, doesn’t know what tattoo that suits Kell. So he is looking and looking and looking the last tattoo for Kell. Because Kell believes that it is his destiny to meet Bodhi and ask him to make the last tattoo on his own body.

That’s a brief story (from the whole book) about the quote i put there. “Stop looking and you shall find.” Yes… in that book, Bodhi was on journey to search what is his life for. Then he met Kell. And when Kell ask the tattoo, he was confused.

You know… this book is actually reflecting what we, as human, do each day. We actually looking for things. Day by day, our life is actually filled by questions. If we could answer one question, another one will appear. Then after we answer that one, another one is coming again. And so on. Well, at least, that what i feel.

I was questioning what i want in this life. Why am I here. What to do next after i achieve this one. Always. And yes… I usually got my answer. How? Let me tell you. Just like what Dee wrote in the book. Stop looking.


On my 25th birthday, i was questioning myself. What am i supposed to do next. Is it just like that? I was working at one of the biggest bank in Indonesia. I was very grateful. Because not many can join this company and me… along with 35 persons, can join that company through scholarship program. But then… my thought was wandering around. What. Why. What. Why.

I mean all those questions were flowing inside my head. Until i feel very tired of trying to answer the question. I even ask help from my co-worker. Yes… she helped out but still, my mind still wandering around. Have you ever feel that? Until one day…

When i was not questioning anymore, just go through with the flow for what i had that time, i was showed another way of path to take. So i took it. And then another question came up. And when i didn’t questioning the question anymore… i was found another answer for the question. It’s always like that.

Have you ever experience that?

Okay. I know that this post is contradict with the previous one, where i said that we have to focus on what we want and the universe will help us on finding it. But… let me explain here. When I said i agree to the quote that written in the book, I mean that we have to do it sometime. But… in your mind… please bear in mind those things you really want. Don’t forget them.

This is the true magic happens. The universe knows that you still wanting them. Even you are not pursuing in now… but because of you keep your mind on those things, the universe will give their power to make them real. Do you believe in those things? Well, I do.I was always put on my mind that one day i will go abroad and have some experience working outside Jakarta and Indonesia. And I did experience that.

So yes.. sometime we actually need to sit back and relax for a while then… like a magic, a path came up, right in front of you. Maybe before actually it’s already there. But because you are too busy looking, you just miss that one.

Just like what Bodhi did. He just tag along with all things happen for him. He was brought to country A. Country B. City D. Met with E, introduced with F. Until one day, he felt that he need to go to this city. He went there. And he found Kell. And right before Kell died, he knows what tattoo will be for Kell.

So… Take a deep breath now if you are busy looking for something. Just deep breath. Release it slowly. Let it flow to your body slowly. Feel every breath you take. And… let it flow… you shall find.

Febriyan Writing about life and anything that happen in life is one of my to do things. That's the reason blog Blog Review, Tips & Inspirasi by Febriyan Lukito born. Now I also admins for: Tempat Nongkrong Seru Pikiran Random Tulisan Blogger Indonesia

7 Replies to “You Shall Find”

  1. Again and again my fav is Partikel.
    Anyway..bener banget kita dapetin pas kita udah lupa ama yg kita pertanyakan…kenapa kita sering kecewa? Mungkin krna kita suka tergesa2 utk segera dpt jawaban dari segala pertanyaan kita.

  2. hehheee… buku pertama g sampe abis bacanya.. rumit bacanya… yang kedua abis.. yang petir selesai baca langsung cuma 3,5 jam… yang terakhir lama hampir seminggu 😀

    berat-berat eiii.. mas 😀
    yang baru belom beli 😛

      1. hehhee.. waktu itu juga beli langsung 4 mas.. 😀
        hehhe filmnya belom nonton..
        ini lagi pgn nonton night at the museum… 😀
        lah malah bahas film…

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