What do you…

Lagi iseng aja. Dah lama juga gak nulis kan. Jadi here we go:

1. What dream that haven’t you fulfill up till today?
2. What song do you listen right now?
3 What movie did you watch last time?
4. What is one thing you want so bad right now?
5. What is one thing that you regret up till today?
6. Whom you miss right now?

So random yak…

Jawaban saya:
1. Open a coffee shop and publish a TGFTD book *takut dikeplak Asmie nih… Belum selesaiin sama sekali*
2. Not listening any song. But last song i remember the most is Tong Hua by Michael Guang Lian.
3. A walk to remember on tv, no theater here. LoL
4. Vacation… Indonesia, i want to have a great time in Indonesia
5. Not able to make my dad’s happy
6. My mom


  1. duniaely 10 Mei 2014
    • Ryan 12 Mei 2014
  2. MS 10 Mei 2014
    • Ryan 12 Mei 2014
  3. araaminoe 10 Mei 2014
  4. winnymarch 7 Mei 2014
  5. syifna 7 Mei 2014
  6. Monica 7 Mei 2014

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