Weekly Photo Challenge: Golden Moment

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I love beach… and the best thing about beach is…

they have the best of sunset or sunrise…

This week challenge is about Golden Hour,  the first and last hour of sunlight of the day. Not easy though.. we all need to be there in time to make sure catching this golden hour. but when we there on time… that moment… owwww.. that just priceless.

Here are some of my family vacations in 2012 – in Bali. i really want to go back there again.

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And these are some of the post of Golden Hour that i love:

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11. http://flickrcomments.wordpress.com/2013/07/12/weekly-photo-challenge-the-golden-hour/

Jakarta Membiru

27 sec read

Just.. SHINE

Know the song? Just before the dawn When the light’s still gone Shine, shine your way And you may not know, where to go...
11 sec read

63 Replies to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Golden Moment”

  1. Sunset and sunrise. Momen yang bahkan lewat sebuah foto pun masih sulit dilukiskan semua keindahan yang ada di dalamnya. 😀
    Nice pic Mas, kalo saya Mah, biasanya cuma bisa dari atas genteng ngeliat sunset.. Hehe

    1. iya.
      suka sama challengenya tiap minggu.
      tapi jarang sertakan foto baru nih. banyakan foto lama aja.

      mas malah ikutan challenge yang jauh lebih wokeh kan? *masih ingat banner2 di samping*

  2. Wow!! They are beautiful… awesome!!

    Besides beach, I think mountain or forest with sunset background will be nice..you have to try it, bro 🙂

    1. ayo mas…
      sebenarnya gak harus sih. kan golden moment itu di saat2 seperti itu. tapi gak harus foto sunsetnya or sunrisenya.

    1. yes… the beaches just make me wanna go back and back. Bali has so many beaches to explore and in those pictures, just two of them.
      Thank you Tina.


  3. Aku tuh selalu jatuh cinta tiap kali memandangi sunrise ataupun sunset, Mas. Perasaan kayak gimana gitu…:)

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