Born, Live and Die

Good morning Jakarta. Lets have a great day – at Plaza BII Tower 2 View on Path Tadi pagi berjalan dari Thamrin Kav 1...
28 sec read

Just.. SHINE

Know the song? Just before the dawn When the light’s still gone Shine, shine your way And you may not know, where to go...
11 sec read

No Tittle

Belum ada judul untuk foto ini. Menurut kalian, apa sih judul yang pas dari foto ini? Foto sebuah gedung di bilangan Thamrin Jakarta. Edited...
5 sec read

Akhirnya… Kumenemukanmu

Sedang mencari aplikasi online untuk edit foto? Simak yang ini.
1 min read

My Family

This picture was taken in 2008, the time i was graduate from my college. This the third time we had family pictures but it’s...
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Darkness at home We never appriciate The light until It goes dark..
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What is Classic

for me Black and White picture and Sephia made it so classical. And i really love picture like this. This picture is 2012’s. I...
7 sec read

I will be ON TOP

one day… i’ll on top where others look up and say… i wanna be just like that person… it’s just my interpretation about the...
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