Nothing is Forever

Everything is temporary

Nothing Last Forever.  Picture taken from here
Nothing Last Forever.
Picture taken from here

your breath, your life

your time, your work

one day… it will all gone

Suddenly I am thinking that i put as quote above. In my religion also told me that. Nothing is forever. One man will be born, getting old then passed away. That’s the cycle of life. All of us will have that. And what we have now, our precious belongings such as your smartphone, your tv, etc, will be left behind. That’s the truth.

Sad? Yes… but it is the truth.

For example….

One day you walk on a park. You see a beautiful flower blossoming. It shows the true beauty, but then, few days again, you wont see it again. Maybe there will be another flower blossoming there, but it is not the same flower you saw before. Because the flower you saw is already gone.

Another example, related to my previous post – How to avoid pickpocket, your smartphone. You really want that smartphone badly, so you put all your money to be able to purchase it, or maybe you go with an installment scheme from credit card to obtain it. And one day, the smartphone is yours…. You are so happy. Wherever you go, whenever you go, the phone is always on your hands. You just play with it. You don’t realize that somebody is watching. That person is wanting the same phone but doesn’t have the money. Then… that person do the extreme. Pickpocket the phone from you. In that instant moment…. you have lost your precious item. Just like that.

Or maybe… you are working in one big company. Good job. Good pay. Very great life you have because of the job you have now. But out of the blue, the company is sued for its payable by several supplier. They claim for the company to be bankrupt… This is real… you can google it. Suddenly you lost your job, your income. Just like that.

And what if…

God send you an angel, angel of death today. I don’t know, maybe by motorbike accident or maybe long illness that you don’t notice at all before.

If it’s already meant to be… it will happen. Without any notice before. Just like that.

That’s show how temporary our life is. The whole thing we have now can be turned upside down just by hours. What you think yours now, will be gone.

Are you ready it’s happen?

One and only thing we can do is be prepared to lose everything. Accepting the fact that “Nothing last forever” will help us. This is a post that i stumble upon yesterday, the post is about this one also. Letting go.

For me, I have many experiences in losing phone, that’s why i post how to avoid it. And when it’s happen to me, what i can do is just letting go. Hard. That’s for sure. I mean who can accept losing something or someone just like that? No regrets? We are human. So if you feel down. sad. angry. feel free to do it. It’s okay to feel like that. But then.

Don’t stay it that circle too long. The longer you are in, the longer you will realizing that there is a lesson to be learnt from it. That maybe there’s a rainbow for you after the rain you had before. I always believe that every problem we have in life is a way from God to teach us to be stronger. So He is sure to give us more.

it's gonna be okay... eventually
it’s gonna be okay… eventually

That the suffer we are facing right now itself is temporary – just remember… nothing last forever, including the problems we have. Just go through it one by one… one step at a time. And we will be okay, eventually.

So at the end, what i can say is…

Be prepared for everything that is not in your possession anymore. And always remember to be able to let go. Be grateful for what you have now coz it’s a gift given to you for now – don’t know till when, so enjoy it, maximize it. And when it’s gone, you can say… “Thank God I already make the best of it”

And always remember that even a problem we are facing now or in the future also temporary. It’s a test that God put you into to make you stronger and be able to receive the bigger one. And trust me, everything will be okay – eventually. 


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