(not) Phoneography Weekly Photo Challenge: My Neighborhood

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Neighbor in front of my house

This week challenge, as posted by Cheri, is quite different – using phone camera… hmmm i wonder if i have some picture with my old phone… and after searching… not found it. but i found this, taken by my camera.

This is my neighborhood… In Indonesia. I live in Cibubur at Perumahan Legenda Wisata.

This is the view from my home
Poseidon rules in the middle of my housing
the statue of Rahwana capturing Shinta from Ramayana Story
The Little China… just around the block
Sunrise at my home
Sunrise at my home
Kevin Ngumpet
of course – my cute neighbor – Kevin

Jakarta Membiru

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Just.. SHINE

Know the song? Just before the dawn When the light’s still gone Shine, shine your way And you may not know, where to go...
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