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In A Rush

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As always, Starworld showed the re-run of some favorite TV show. One of them, that i watched this morning is Masterchef US Season 5.

Today show was the semifinal. Showdown between Elizabeth, Courtney and Leslie. Elizabeth is the one who went through the Final. Courtney and Leslie faced the Pressure Test. And they have to baked 3 desserts, Strawberry Cheesecake, Florida Key Lime Pie, and Boston Cream Pie.

Courtney has an advantage because she is a baker. But for Leslie, he is a home-dad, who usually cook for his family, not for dessert type of cooking. Leslie can made the better key lime pie than Courtney, while the cheesecake is won by her. 1 – 1 for Courtney and Leslie. Came to the end was about the Boston Cream Pie. Both of them served the cream pie. Courtney’s cream pie was bit of a mess. But then she won it. Why? Because Leslie wrongly put salt instead of sugar in the pie.

Okay… actually what is the connection between “In A Rush” and “Masterchef”? Let me explain it to you. In that episode, Leslie had problem, end up put salt instead of sugar in the cake was because he’s in a hurry. He was facing difficulty in preparing all three cakes with the limited time. He made everything in last one hour, while Courtney already finished with her first cake – Cheesecake.

This is what happen when we are doing things in a rush. Some of us forget and then slip – making mistakes – that shouldn’t be happened. For another example, please read this ordinary – daily example, that I believe most of us have had it (at least once).

You wake up one day at 7 am. Actually you already set your alarm at 5 am. But you just snoozed it… snoozed it and snoozed it, coz you already know, that you have some spare hours before you actually ought to leave the house. Imagine that the distance from your house to your office is around 1 hours (excluding the traffic jam – if include traffic is about 2 hours min). Your working hours is at 8 am. So when you wake up at 7, you just have 1 hours to prepare and go to office.

Then… you instantly stand up (if you are not a low sugar person, it’s ok. But if you are, this will be problem… dizzy bro… dizzy), go to bathroom then preparing. You don’t take your breakfast. Start your car/motorbike engine as soon as possible and push the gas up to the max speed allowed.

Are you gonna make it on time?


But check again. There is at least one thing you miss already. Your breakfast.

It’s just one thing that we missed if we are in a rush to go to office each morning. Can you imagine other things that could be missed out? Maybe… (I experienced this before) you forgot your wallet, your phone, and maybe you even forgot to comb your hair.


What happen if it’s happening in office hour? I mean when you do your job. Leslie is one of the example. Doing things in a rush is not a good thing to do. He put salt instead of sugar. So… can you imagine if Chefs or Cooks put sugar instead of salt in the food they prepared? How about us who work as office clerk?

We could forgot to attached one thing. One thing that actually the most important thing for the whole documents package. Maybe we forgot to update those figures to the correct figures in report because we did it in hurry. Maybe we forgot to prepare a great presentation for a client because we don’t have the time.

So many thing could gone wrong and it will…. effecting our work result. And end up affecting our bonus? Just like Leslie, end up giving him to loose the chance to be in Final (and giving Courtney a chance to be the winner – she is the winner of the season 5, btw).

So… what can we do? 

What can we do is actually be calm. Even if you are in a hurry, just take a deep breath for a while… digest everything, every possibility slowly and think about any alternatives you can choose. And after choosing the best alternative you can do, DO IT. Do the Time Management in a better way. Do one at the time. One task at a time.

Even if you are rushed by other people, please do it in your term (of course with the dateline consideration from other). I mean… this is your work. Your job. You need to finish them in a very good way and leave your path in good way also.

Yes, you have time limit on your task, but do it well. Do it best. Give everything in the best way you can do, after all, it is your work that counts.

Febriyan Writing about life and anything that happen in life is one of my to do things. That's the reason blog Blog Review, Tips & Inspirasi by Febriyan Lukito born. Now I also admins for: Tempat Nongkrong Seru Pikiran Random Tulisan Blogger Indonesia

17 Replies to “In A Rush”

    1. hahahaha… teteh iseng banget. bahasa inggris teteh kan lebih jago. atau aku nulisnya terlalu ngawur ya sampai harus pake kamus *hiks*

      1. Teteh itu bhs Inggris makin ngaco setelah tinggal di Jerman, krn awalnya juga pas-pasan gitu. Nah setelah lama di Jerman, lidah dan mata sudah terbiasa membaca tulisan jerman yg dibaca sesuai tulisannya spt Indonesia, jd kebayang dong kalau baca belepotan krn pabaliut, otak masih settingan Jerman.

        Di Indonesia lebih malu, tanya Butter ya disebut butter bukan batter, jdnya dibilang “batter mbaaak bukan Butteeer” hadoooh maluuu, kesannya sok inggris2an tp ngga bisaaa hahaha

      2. kayak ane sekarang dong ya teh. gak bisa tapi sok inggris2an nulisnya. 😀
        gak kebayang sih teh, gak paham sama sekali bahasa jerman. jadi kalau tinggal di sana, gimana repotnya ya…. 😀

      3. Jangan suka begitu aaah…
        Bagus bhs Inggrisnya, anak-anak muda jaman kiwari memang pinter2 bhs asingnya…

        Repot awalnya saja, khan belajar juga kalau sudah tinggal di satu negara yg bukan berbahasa Inggris 🙂
        Paling tidak untuk percakapan sehari-harilah.

        Suka ko baca tulisan sobat2 di WP yg pakai bhs Inggris, bikin iri hehee

      4. jaman kiwari itu jaman apa teh??? *mikir keras sampai otak membeku kedinginan – eh ini mah karena ruangan dingin bener*

        iya teh. ini juga mulai nulis dalam bahasa inggris karena pengalaman pas kmrn kerja di luar. agak susah karena jarang berbahasa inggris dan nulis sedangkan di sana harus setiap saat.

      5. Jaman kiwari itu jaman sekarang, anak-anak yg lahir tahun 80/90-an gituu hehe

        Bahasa itu memang harus selalu digunakan, kalau lama tidak dipakai, bisa lupa dan kagok lagi, contohnya ya teteh ini 😀

      6. Eeh siapa yg nganggap sok2an..??

        Oohh penjaga supermarket yg ngoreksi ucapan butter…?? hehe
        Tapi memang dia benar ko, krn ngga tau ttg bhs Jerman.

        Tp kata temen, kangmas, jangan takut salah katanya, nanti dikoreksi sama yg lebih pintar 🙂

        So keep writing …

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