Things that make you HAPPY

I’ve read about this on the
Si Cacing dan Kotoran Kesayangannya – by Ajahn Brahmn.

Sadly, the truth is, almost everyone of us do this. “I will be happy IF…”
let’s say, if I have a job.
Then, after graduation, we’re hired in a company. Are you HAPPY?
Nope. Cos, now I’ll say: ‘I will be happy if i have bigger salary’
And so on…

How many time would you spend to reliving the same circle again and again?

In these post (that I’ve reblogged from Lijiun), you will see so many beautiful things to be grateful for. These pictures are some of many more things in our life to be happy for.
So… What makes you HAPPY?
Search within you… what it is. And don’t forget to share it in my comment box.
Have a great Friday all.


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