Tulisan yang diikutkan dalam weekly photo challenge dari wordpress ataupun blogger lainnya – berisi foto yang diambil oleh Febriyan

Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture

Culture, is about everything we have as a human. And Bali, has the various culture i love here in Indonesia… here are some…
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Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

Whoa… it’s an UP challenge… Let’s see what’s UP for me.. All the picture are taken at September 2012 – Family Vacation at Bali,...
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Weekly Photo Challenge: Color

Gak tahu sih terlambat atau gak untuk ikutan photo challenge-nya. Tapi ya gpp ah. yang penting ikutannya aja.    
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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: LINE

This week challenge from Cee is: LINE… after not participating for the previous one, i try to do this one…
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Weekly Photo Challenge: Action

Action… This week photo challenge is ACTION How do you interpret an ACTION into pictures. well… these are mine…  
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(not) Phoneography Weekly Photo Challenge: My Neighborhood

This week challenge, as posted by Cheri, is quite different – using phone camera… hmmm i wonder if i have some picture with my old...
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Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in Details

Actually i don’t know what these plants called in English. in Indonesia we called it LUMUT. They are found in the rock at Bluepoint...
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