Deaf and Talent – Is It Possible

I found this video couple years ago. Still, i remembered and like this video so much. I mean, she has disability. Can’t hear a.k.a. deaf but she played the violin in a very good way. I know that this is only an advertising, and they can create anything they want.

But if this is in a real world, is it possible to have talent like her?

I would say: YES, as long as the spirit is high. I met a group of disable people last year. We went to Taman Safari, Bogor (a zoo in Indonesia) and were having so much fun. I learnt so much from them, especially the spirit.

They really have high-spirited energy that affect everyone that join the trip that day. They don’t like if we pitty them. They like us to treat them equally. They were one of many inspiring people that I’ve met.

What do you think about this?

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