Why is it so hard

Lately, i realized that I’ve been complaining and complaining and complaining. About the job mostly. No.. I don’t want to talk about the job, but I just wanna talk about doing complain. Yes.. complaining about life.

Ok. First, I don’t realize it, but then yesterday, seems like I was given a warning. A friend of mine, which is having the same problem, maybe even worse than me, said in a positive way about one event that happened to both of us. And me? I was perceived it in a negative way.

That made me realize how I’ve become so ungrateful and negative person day by day lately. Of course, we all have problems. Like I said, my friend here maybe facing a worse case than mine. But hey… he still be able to see it positively. What happen to me? Who am i now? Where is the person who wrote #TGFTD daily go?


If you never complaining in your entire life, please raise your hand and teach me how. I mean, in my mind, most of us are used to complain. About anything, maybe about the traffic – especially those who lived in a big city like Jakarta, about salary, about love, about family, etc.

Complaining is a very easy job to do. You want to know how? Just think one of very very annoying things you ever experienced. I bet you can have so many things to complain on that particular event. But is it good?

I mean… myself feel that I was very exhausted. And after I realized, the weeks passed by, I was concentrated in a negative way, including by complain all the time about anything. And that is a very tiring job… event much worse than lifting 10 kg box.

Why? Because it consumed your head, your heart and at the end… effect to your physic in much more worse way you can think of.

If complaining is very easy to do but consumed most of your energy and making you weaken without you realizing it, why being positive and grateful is very hard?

Can you help me on this???

How to be grateful…. in your own words. How to keep positive in a negative environment?

Maybe it’s time for me to get a break from life for a while. Think every moment that I’ve been through. Remember all memories…. especially good memories.

Well… at the end I just wanna say in this random post, that, being positive and grateful in life, is really not an easy task, but hey… no shortcut for success right?

NB: I’m really sorry for many mistakes in my grammar or words. Don’t hesitate to point the error in my English.


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