Awe moments

There are moments where we’re just standing and amazed by the nature And taking this picture is just make me stand in awe.. it...
10 sec read

Sweet Memories

Suatu hari… di kala kita duduk di tepi pantai dan memandang.. ombak di lautan yang kian menepi Burung camar Terbang bermain diderunya air Suara...
23 sec read

KISS – Silhouette

Too bad the weekly photo challenge: kiss is over. I just found this picture in my vacation folder. Like i said in some of...
14 sec read

Let’s Make Out

the sun meet his lover… they make love and share their love into the sky… the beautiful golden sky child of their love…
4 sec read

Here I Stand

Here I stand… before YOUR grace to be grateful for the beauty you gave us… I love sunset… and i think many also love...
9 sec read

My Sunset Love

Sunset at Kuta Beach. One day, i went to the beach, Kuta Beach, which is nearby my hotel i was staying. I want to...
13 sec read