All you can see is…

Still from the family holiday at Bali (Sept 2012). I love beach. i really do. this is one of the beach i went to.....
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We’re Just a KID

in every grownup there’s always a kid soul inside. This is my sister, big sister. she is the oldest in the family. but, when...
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Sun Rises

The sun rises every day. Harapan akan selalu ada jika kita selalu melihatnya. Jangan pernah menutup mata pada hal-hal yang ada di sekitar kita....
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Here I Stand

Here I stand… before YOUR grace to be grateful for the beauty you gave us… I love sunset… and i think many also love...
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All you can see

this beach (still at Bali) is so gorgeous. I love it. Coz you can see the coral through. No need to snorkeling to see....
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Pura Besakih

Pura Besakih, Bali, Indonesia Where Hindu’s praying in Bali
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My Prayer

at the end, it’s all about me and my God… I can do and be anything I want… But at the end, it’s about...
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My Sunset Love

Sunset at Kuta Beach. One day, i went to the beach, Kuta Beach, which is nearby my hotel i was staying. I want to...
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Berlomba dengan Lumba-lumba

Pantai Lovina, Bali. Destinasi lumba-lumba di Indonesia Me and my family have some fun during this boat trip, even though we have to wake...
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