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Run for your life… Life is about changing. Many people things that changes are suck. but the truth is, it never been NO CHANGES...
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Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in Details

Actually i don’t know what these plants called in English. in Indonesia we called it LUMUT. They are found in the rock at Bluepoint...
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You Just Need to…

SMILE…. (you’re on candid camera) I love that show… it made me laugh always. But yes… it’s true. we all just need to smile....
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Sweet Memories

Suatu hari… di kala kita duduk di tepi pantai dan memandang.. ombak di lautan yang kian menepi Burung camar Terbang bermain diderunya air Suara...
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Wherever you stand now… Are you happy? Is it where you want to be now? Is there anything (anyone) you want more? Wherever you...
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Another Kevin

Jangan bosan ya untuk lihat fotonya Kevin… Ini Kevinnya lagi nangis digendong… tak foto juga.. hehehe.
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Beauty of Life

Do you know what flower this is? It’s a Lotus. It grows at a pond… dirty pond (usually). I love this flower coz it...
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Help Me Please!

Kevin in action… he just stand behind the fence and looked at me. so i snap his picture… If someone asking for your help,...
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KISS – Silhouette

Too bad the weekly photo challenge: kiss is over. I just found this picture in my vacation folder. Like i said in some of...
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