Tulisan terkait foto ataupun hanya berisi foto oleh Febriyan, termasuk Weekly Photo Challenge


Beat the Heart

put down your sorrow now set the volume to the limit put the ear into the beat Kalau saya lagi sedih biasanya cari lagu...
7 sec read

One Step At A Time

When all things seems to be hard to do… all we need to remember is… WALK through it… ONE step at a time and...
5 sec read


let’s jump into the LIFE we WANT… Be courageous. Be bold. Be YOU..
2 sec read

Awe moments

There are moments where we’re just standing and amazed by the nature And taking this picture is just make me stand in awe.. it...
10 sec read

(not) Phoneography Weekly Photo Challenge: My Neighborhood

This week challenge, as posted by Cheri, is quite different – using phone camera… hmmm i wonder if i have some picture with my old...
32 sec read

Glow in the Dark

Let your inner beauty SHINE glow in the dark and show the others how beauty life is
3 sec read


Another shot about Kevin, my neighbor’s son. He’s trying to hide from me, but still have those curious side though. He just a man,...
11 sec read

Slowly but Sure

in this life… we need to be slow sometime. but we also need to be fast sometime. I’ll say: ‘be slowly but sure’ enjoy...
7 sec read

Aku… Untukmu

Kesendirian menyebalkan… tak tahukah kau aku menantimu di sini sampai kapankah harus kunanti dirimu yang sepertinya tak menyadari keberadaanku – hanya untukmu Ryan 040313
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